Canon introduces new iQuarius MX inks for Océ VarioPrint i-series sheetfed inkjet presses

Canon today launches new iQuarius MX inks for the Océ VarioPrint i-series sheetfed inkjet presses.

Canon’s new Océ iQuarius MX inks will be available from April 2018

The new iQuarius MX inks, for the Océ VarioPrint i-series sheetfed inkjet presses, have been developed to support customers working with offset coated papers

These third generation inks for the Océ VarioPrint i-series have been specifically developed to meet the needs of customers working with offset coated papers for high quality graphic arts applications.

The new Océ iQuarius MX inks enable application of higher ink coverages on many offset coated stocks, increasing the range of standard papers which can be used with the Océ VarioPrint i-series presses.

The move extends the applications range of Océ VarioPrint i-series technology to even more demanding applications, such as higher quality books, manuals and direct mail requiring the most vivid colour reproduction. Utilising the full capabilities of Canon’s sheetfed inkjet technology, print service providers (PSPs) and in-house print rooms can now embrace the advantages of short-run and personalised digital production on a wider range of substrates and seamlessly switch between multiple stocks.

Océ iQuarius MX inks are used in combination with the ColorGrip inline paper conditioning solution to optimise ink adhesion and absorption.

Duncan Smith, Director of Industrial and Production Solutions at Canon UK, comments: “Since the original launch of the Océ VarioPrint i-series in 2015, we have been actively driving the performance of the technology and inks to enable more customers to take advantage of this ground-breaking press concept. Having initially focused on the transactional and direct mail segments, with the launch of ColorGrip at drupa 2016 we extended the scope of the press to standard coated offset media and therefore to higher quality direct mail and books. This broadened the audience for the Océ VarioPrint i-series to the point where Canon leads the global market in sheetfed inkjet installations, with customers worldwide producing an extensive range of promotional and publishing applications.”

“Today’s launch of the iQuarius MX inks is a direct result of our collaboration with customers, who asked us to channel our innovation efforts into developing inks that would enable them to reap the productivity benefits of the Océ VarioPrint i-series across an even broader spectrum of applications, supporting them to migrate more work from offset to digital production.”

Canon customer Livonia Print is a high-volume book producer in Riga, Latvia, using Océ VarioPrint i300 presses for digital colour book production. Being one of the lead customers in Europe for the new Océ iQuarius MX inks, it has quickly experienced the quality advantages of the new formulation. With the new iQuarius MX inks, Livonia Print has been able to expand the range of books it is transferring from offset to digital printing using offset coated material, including education and trade books. This is enhancing the services it now offers to its customers.

The original iQuarius ink for the Océ VarioPrint i-series will now be branded as Océ iQuarius MP ink (Multi Purpose), to distinguish it from the new iQuarius MX (Media Extended) version, supporting customers to choose the appropriate level of ink performance for their applications.

The new iQuarius MX inks are available from April 2018. For current Océ VarioPrint i-series customers, MX-upgrades will be made available on request.

The Océ VarioPrint i300 press with iQuarius MX inks has achieved Fogra 51 certification (see separate press release). Canon is able to offer specific technical support to customers working with an Océ VarioPrint i-series press who would like to pursue Fogra 51 accreditation for their own operations, with a view to optimising quality control and offering additional quality assurance to their customers.

Océ iQuarius inks are one element of a portfolio of iQuarius technologies, developed to enable high speed inkjet printing on sheets. Océ iQuarius also comprises: sheet entry control for purging of imperfect sheets before printing; precise sheet control for positioning and flattening of sheets for printing; controlled drying system to optimise media stability; and inline quality control for automated detection and correction of nozzle failures.