Canon refreshes its range of monochrome production printers with the varioPRINT 140 series QUARTZ

United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 15 FEBRUARY 2023 – Canon has refreshed its monochrome printer range with the launch of the new varioPRINT 140 series QUARTZ for production print environments. Featuring the proven technology of the established varioPRINT 140 series, the new QUARTZ model offers commercial print and in-house print service providers a temporary speed upgrade option to support production peaks and has a contemporary look. Users can also benefit from an optional Form Assist Module to increase application flexibility.

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Canon has refreshed its monochrome printer range with the launch of the new varioPRINT 140 series QUARTZ

Launched in 2017, the varioPRINT 140 series is a proven success in the market, with over 2,200 units installed in EMEA. Built for light to mid-volume printing environments producing 80,000 to 800,000 A4-size prints on average per month, the varioPRINT 140 series QUARTZ is engineered to last, delivering reliable print performance, consistent productivity and high quality output.

With the introduction of a new licensing structure, varioPRINT 140 series QUARTZ users can make use of permanent or temporary speed upgrades to the printer, from 115 pages per minute (ppm) to 130 ppm or 140 ppm. This option gives businesses greater production flexibility to respond to unpredictable print buying patterns and production volumes, as well as the scope to boost capacity to up to 2.3 million A4 images per month to manage seasonal peaks. The temporary license is offered on a monthly basis and can be extended as many times as needed over the lifetime of the printer.

For improved media versatility, users can also insert an optional Form Assist Module in the paper tray to increase paper capacity for special papers with irregular thicknesses, such as glued-on bank passes, folded media or media with a slip attached.

The varioPRINT 140 series QUARTZ does not generate ozone emissions and is designed to minimise toner waste. Thanks to HeatXchange™ technology, the heat generated when the toner is fixed is transferred to subsequent pages as it prints. This helps to save energy, while the low fusing temperature supports printing on a variety of media.

The printer comes with a Canon PRISMAsync print server embedded as standard, giving intuitive control and allowing for production scheduling up to eight hours ahead. For operator convenience, notifications highlighting the requirement for toner or media replenishment, as well as the need to remove output, are provided well in advance to help achieve non-stop printing.

Jennifer Kolloczek, European Planning, Marketing & Innovation Senior Director, Production Print at Canon Europe comments, “While the digital print sector tends to focus its attention on colour, monochrome will continue to represent a significant portion of total print volumes now and for years to come. Many PSPs and in-house printers need a robust monochrome printer that delivers the quality, productivity and ease of use they need for the production of often time-critical applications. Since its launch in 2017, thousands of users across EMEA have embraced the varioPRINT 140 series for its reliable contribution to their production capability. By introducing a temporary speed upgrade option, we’re responding to the growing challenge of accurately predicting production volumes. More flexibility enables customers to invest with confidence, knowing they can tap into additional capacity during production peaks.”

The new varioPRINT 140 series QUARTZ will be available from Canon and accredited partners from April 2023.

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