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Speaker at Future Book Forum 2019 EVENT

Future Book Forum 2020

Join publishers, printers and experts in this online summit as we shape the future of the book industry.

31 Aug 2020
Canon Future Promotion Forum EVENT

Future Promotion Forum 2020

Creating emotion in a data-driven world. Join marketing, technology innovators and service providers, as they share the most effective ways of customer communication at this online conference.

13 Aug 2020
Man pinning print onto wall ARTICLES

Print’s power of touch

In this article, we explore how brands can use print’s power of touch to boost customer engagement and build relationships.

01 Sep 2020
Making print tactile CASE STUDIES

Making print tactile

Creating added value for visually impaired people with relief printing

17 Jul 2020
Black and white image of faces with one image in colour ARTICLE

Getting started with programmatic print

How can service providers start benefiting from Programmatic Print? This article gives you some tips.

13 Jul 2020
Digital wallpaper printing done right ARTICLE

Digital wallpaper printing guide

With the global home décor market growing exponentially, are you ready for the digital print revolution? Find out.

14 May 2020
Flexibility and high print quality Case Study

Flexibility and high print quality

Hurks repro can now respond to diverse and urgent orders thanks to a high print speed, 40 possible media types and the possibility to scan and fold drawings.

15 May 2020
Arizona 1300 series at Seriflex CASE STUDIES

Tailor-made applications on almost any material

Thanks to their Arizona digital flatbed printers, Seriflex can print small, tailor-made editions at a high quality on almost any material.

01 Apr 2020
Case: wallpaper printing on Colorado 1650 CASE STUDIES

High-quality wallpaper printing

Thanks to the Colorado 1650, De Resolutie can create unique designs with matte and gloss print effects.

04 May 2020
Bestdeco, specialist in wall decoration CASE STUDIES

Bestdeco, specialist in wall decoration

High quality and speed are very important

15 Apr 2020

Intelligent print production case study

IT-specialist QITS fuels future growth with intelligent print production concept

23 Apr 2020
ProStream at Otava CASE STUDIES

Embracing digital print for book lifecycle management

Otava transfered a significant percentage of all production from offset to on-demand printing with a view towards shorter-runs and improved book lifecycle management in the future.

28 Feb 2020
Colorado 1640 at DPN Rikken CASE STUDIES

More creative opportunities - Colorado 1640

Dutch Commercial print DPN Rikken foresees a bright future thanks to the Colorado 1640.

28 Feb 2020
Woman reading a magazine ARTICLES

Tapping into new magazine potential

With the latest advancements in print technologies and automated workflows, smart data, targeted or even super personalized content is now possible in print.

17 Feb 2020
True print automation - 24 hour production CASE STUDIES

True print automation - 24 hour production

Investing in the future with print robotisation

31 Jan 2020
UVgel technology whitepaper ARTICLES

UVgel technology whitepaper

Learn more about the changing roll-to-roll market and how UVgel technology can help you to stay on top of your game. Download the whitepaper.

16 Jan 2020
VarioPrint i300 at NHA CASE STUDIES

Printing course and educational material on demand

With the VarioPrint i300 and COSMOS, NHA has transitioned to 100% on-demand production of educational material.

07 Jan 2020
Man typing on computer sat at desk ARTICLES

The rise and rise of self-publishing

The stigma of self-publishing is disappearing. In fact, it's becoming the first choice for many aspiring authors. Here's how digital print is enabling self-publishing to thrive.

05 Dec 2019
Laser Cut Studio Case Study CASE STUDIES

Laser Cut Studio Case Study

More streamlined processes bring efficiency to production.

29 Nov 2019
Peter Fisk presenting on stage at Future Book Forum 2018 CASE STUDIES

Communities: the next step for publishing

Explore why publishers need to look 'beyond the book'

04 Nov 2019
Man looking at a printed document ARTICLES

Five ways print can enhance marketing campaigns

Is print the missing ingredient in your marketing mix? Here are five ways print marketing adds value.

06 Nov 2019
Bringing dynamic one-to-one marketing to life CASE STUDIES

Bringing dynamic one-to-one marketing to life

Eversfrank and SDM explain how they use the right mix of data, print and online communications to help their customers to reach their target audiences.

06 Nov 2019
Digital book printing on demand case study CASE STUDIES

Digital book printing on demand case study

Book printer Grafica Veneta reduced print times and warehousing costs and are impressed with speed and offset-like quality.

01 Nov 2019
Livonia Print employees CASE STUDIES

Book specialist makes digital vision reality with Canon

Livonia Print explains how they took advantage of digital inkjet opportunities for shorter runs to grow their business.

01 Nov 2019
A woman talks at a meeting with five other colleagues around a desk Articles

Standardise or be colonised

Common digital standards and open collaboration: the key to thriving in a rapidly evolving publishing industry.

18 Sep 2019
Philippe Baecke presenting at Future Promotional Forum 2018 ARTICLES

The role of Big Data in printed direct mail

At Canon's Future Promotional Forum 2018, Philippe Baecke discussed why GDPR may be a blessing in disguise for marketers. Find out how you can use big data in your printed direct mail.

30 Aug 2019
Speed book Articles

Speed campaign

A digitally printed success story.

29 Aug 2019
Man pays by card in coffee shop ARTICLE

Transforming customer experience with CCM

Read Canon's guide to discover how CCM can help your businesses deliver market-leading CX

14 Aug 2019
Close up of lightbulb ARTICLE

10 CMO questions on digital transformation

Canon answers the questions every CMO is asking about digital transformation

14 Aug 2019


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