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An African Lion ARTICLE

An African Lion. Would you risk it?

What would you do to protect your business’ security from being attacked?

Why take a chance? Choose Canon.

07 Nov 2023
Request AEC insights report INSIGHTS REPORT

Request AEC insights report

Discover key trends in the use of printed large format technical documentation across the industry that may challenge your current practices.

31 Oct 2023
Grafox inspires the next generation: school makeovers with the Colorado CASE STUDY

Grafox inspires the next generation: school makeovers with the Colorado

Say goodbye to uninspiring white walls and embrace engaging environments that ignite learning and creativity thanks to customized designs and Canon's UVgel technology.

01 Sep 2023
Making the grade with Manor House School CASE STUDY

Making the grade with Manor House School

How Canon Ireland enabled Manor House School to transform their print environment and help progress their sustainable initiatives.

12 Oct 2023
Award-winning digital transformation taking place in an office. ARTICLE

What does award-winning digital transformation look like?

Find out how our Digital Transformation ecosystem can transform and evolve your business.

19 Sep 2023

Reducing the environmental footprint of marketing initiatives

Discover effective strategies for minimising the environmental impact of your marketing campaigns. Read our article for practical tips and insights.

01 Jun 2023
Discover how De Resolutie gained the competitive edge in digital interior décor printing. CASE STUDY

Discover how De Resolutie gained the competitive edge in digital interior décor printing.

FLXfinish+and UVgel offers exciting and creative business opportunities for De Resolutie.

03 Jul 2023
Sync owners in front of Colorado with FLXfinish+ and UVgel CASE STUDY

Offering added-value applications with regular UVgel inks and printheads

Find out how FLXfinish+ and UVgel is enabling Sync to accept last-minute orders with confidence, and to offer high-margin applications with ease.

30 Jun 2023
Reset, Reform, Renew & Resilient CASE STUDY

Reset, Reform, Renew & Resilient

Discover how partnering with Canon empowered Norfolk County Council to deliver new and improved digital services, effectively transforming challenges into opportunities.

11 Jun 2023
Sustainable Innovation ARTICLE

Future-proof your organisation through sustainable innovation

Find out how sustainable innovation can improve your business' resilience and impact.

12 Jun 2023
Bidood’s passion for customers CASE STUDY

Working in partnership to keep business moving

Discover how Bidood’s passion for customers, combined with Canon solutions, offers endless business opportunities.

13 May 2023
Red Label Zero – CO2 neutral media ARTICLE

Red Label Zero

Discover how Canon new carbon neutral paper can help your business achieve its sustainability goals

12 May 2023
How Canon serves the Irish AEC industry ARTICLE

Working with the Irish AEC sector.

Canon has worked with architectural, engineering and construction firms for decades, supporting the fast, effective and secure sharing of project information.

25 Apr 2023
Elanders group achieves growth ambitions with inkjet. CASE STUDY

Elanders Group achieves growth ambitions with inkjet

Find out how Elanders Group achieved greater flexibility, dependable quality and colour consistency with digital print.

22 Feb 2023
imagePRESS Fogra certified ARTICLE

Looking for an endorsement of the quality of your print?

Find out more about how Fogra can help you set the standard in print quality and certify your digital production process standards.

21 Feb 2023
The Original is unbeatable The original is unbeatable

Canon's genuine LUCIA ink

Always choose genuine Canon LUCIA inks instead of any non-Canon inks. Never make any compromises on quality of prints.

17 Oct 2022
4 leaf clover ARTICLE

Why take a chance?

KeyPoint intelligence recognises Canon as one of the most reliable brands in the market. Why take a chance when it comes to reliability?

19 Aug 2022
A group discussing goals in a professional setting

New opportunities in business communications with inkjet

Find out more about how hybrid and convergence applications are driving new growth in business communications.

12 Jul 2022

Caro makes any interior stand out with print

How Caro grew their business with a specialised and automated production line for printed interior design elements: the UVgel Wallpaper Factory

05 Aug 2022
Intrapec showcasing digital packaging CASE STUDY

Digital packaging opens up new business opportunities

See how Intrapec prints personalised packaging and efficiently handle short runs thanks to the Arizona.

07 Oct 2022
Erized employees CASE STUDY

Erized's passion for print

Discover how Erized's passion for print combined with Canon large format solutions offers endless business opportunities.

19 Aug 2022
Team discussing business goals ARTICLE

Streamlining for production efficiency

Discover how to rethink your processes and achieve production efficiency.

13 Jul 2022
Pixartprinting staff operating Canon ProStream CASE STUDY

Pixartprinting maintains competitive advantage

Find out how Pixartprinting achieved improved ease of use, productivity and uptime with a streamlined, end-to-end workflow.

13 Sep 2022
What to consider when assessing potential flatbed printers whitepaper

What to consider when assessing a flatbed printer

All you need to know to take advantage of the opportunities that flatbed printing can bring to grow your business.

26 Aug 2022

ESP Smile case study

ESP Smile gifting market success propelled by Colorado 1650

18 Aug 2022
Iconic Display CASE STUDY

Iconic Display case study

Colorado 1650 at Iconic Display ramps up production and fuels growth thanks to improved colour output & trouble-free tiling at greater speeds.

09 Aug 2022
STAR7 print room CASE STUDY

STAR7 Printing

Find out how STAR7 printing achieved customised quality and total flexibility with their just-in-time operating model.

06 Jul 2022
Owner of Lafrentz talking about ColorWave 3000 series CASE STUDY

Every construction project starts with printing

Learn how Lafrentz is able to manage large engineering print jobs efficiently with high quality and maximum flexibility.

01 Jul 2022
How UVgel technology helps creativity come to life CASE STUDY

How UVgel technology helps creativity come to life

See how Vegan Junk Food Bar completely redecorated one of their branches in Amsterdam.

15 Jun 2022
Neon Print Is Now ARTICLE

Neon Print Is Now

Find out how you can stay ahead of the colour trend with our new generation of imagePROGRAF large format printers.

15 Feb 2022


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