Improve workplace sustainability with Canon

Borneo Orangutans. Could you save more? Improve workplace sustainability with Canon

Discover Canon's innovative approach to sustainability with energy-efficient devices and cutting-edge document technology.

An African Lion

An African Lion. Would you risk it?

What would you do to protect your business’ security from being attacked?

Why take a chance? Choose Canon.

Request AEC insights report

Request AEC insights report

Discover key trends in the use of printed large format technical documentation across the industry that may challenge your current practices.

Award-winning digital transformation taking place in an office.

What does award-winning digital transformation look like?

Find out how our Digital Transformation ecosystem can transform and evolve your business.


Reducing the environmental footprint of marketing initiatives

Discover effective strategies for minimising the environmental impact of your marketing campaigns. Read our article for practical tips and insights.

The future of the book in the digital world

The future of the book in the digital world

Discover how publishers, book printers and technology providers can make innovation possible together.

How print-on-demand could transform your business

How print-on-demand could transform your business

Think Books Business Model Guides #2: On-Demand. Find out about the exciting opportunities that on-demand printing presents for book printers.

Manage inventory with book lifecycle management

Manage inventory with book lifecycle management

Think Books Business Model Guide #1: Book Lifecycle Management. Find out about the exciting opportunities digital print presents for book printers.

How to seize the short-run opportunity

How to seize the short-run opportunity

Discover why digital book printing is driving revenue growth for PSPs.

Sustainable Innovation

Future-proof your organisation through sustainable innovation

Find out how sustainable innovation can improve your business' resilience and impact.

Red Label Zero – CO2 neutral media

Red Label Zero

Discover how Canon new carbon neutral paper can help your business achieve its sustainability goals

How Canon serves the Irish AEC industry

Working with the Irish AEC sector.

Canon has worked with architectural, engineering and construction firms for decades, supporting the fast, effective and secure sharing of project information.

imagePRESS Fogra certified

Looking for an endorsement of the quality of your print?

Find out more about how Fogra can help you set the standard in print quality and certify your digital production process standards.

A group discussing goals in a professional setting

New opportunities in business communications with inkjet

Find out more about how hybrid and convergence applications are driving new growth in business communications.

Team discussing business goals

Streamlining for production efficiency

Discover how to rethink your processes and achieve production efficiency.

What to consider when assessing potential flatbed printers

What to consider when assessing a flatbed printer

All you need to know to take advantage of the opportunities that flatbed printing can bring to grow your business.

Neon Print Is Now

Neon Print Is Now

Find out how you can stay ahead of the colour trend with our new generation of imagePROGRAF large format printers.

Class of 2021 printed invitation application

Showcasing students with programmatic print

Find out how programmatic print to increased engagement for the 'Class of 2021' campaign.

a man looking at his phone

CSRD is coming: Four ways to make your organisation more sustainable

Find out more about how Canon’s EQ80 devices could help your business achieve its sustainability goals.

STAR7 print room

STAR7 Printing

Find out how STAR7 printing achieved customised quality and total flexibility with their just-in-time operating model.

a man sitting on a bench working on laptop

Sustainability, it’s in the Details

Make the first step towards a sustainable future with our expert technology.

imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX: Your future, today

imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX: Your future, today

The way we work is changing. Learn how the imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX portfolio can support your digital transformation journey.

Three colleagues working together on a project

The publishing ‘triangle of expertise’

Find out how Planeta, Liber Digital and Canon successfully integrated book life cycle management.

Sustainability - minimising environmental impacts with Canon

Sustainability - minimising environmental impacts with Canon

Reduce your impact on the planet by taking simple steps that really add up!

Man jumping between rocks, sunset background

Stability is not progress – embrace change for long-term success

By taking decisive action, you can make the necessary changes to succeed and lay a foundation for long-term prosperity. Here are three tips to help you to thrive in the future.

Digital workplace enabled by cloud

Cloud Enablement in Workplace Transformation

Accelerate digital transformation with cloud-based solutions for remote working

Why cloud tech is inseparable

Four Ways Cloud Computing Will Change Our Lives

Cloud computing is changing our lives in many ways and it's here to stay in one form or another

Harnessing cloud article

Cloud is the new normal

How the cloud can help businesses to overcome the challenges of the "new normal"

Harnessing cloud ebook

eBook: Harness the cloud in future workspaces

Remote collaboration is more prevalent than ever, we look at how cloud is enabling tomorrow’s workspace

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Making a lasting impression

In a world where technology and data are seemingly the driving force behind marketing campaigns, how can brands make sure they get consumers’ attention and connect with them as individuals? The answer lies in making data-driven marketing more human.

Shop assistant and customer talking in clothes shop

Customers are people too

Find out how hyper-personalised print is humanising consumer marketing.

The importance of sustainability and the circular economy

The importance of sustainability and the circular economy

Discover our approach to sustainability and our commitments to responsible consumption, production and climate action.

Blue, pink, yellow and black ink splashes

Inkjet: the technology to secure the future of your business

With continuous developments to inkjet technology – around print heads, inks and media – it has proved itself as a production printing technology for now and the future. Here's why!

The UVgel advantage

Embrace the UVgel advantage

See how UVgel Colorado printers give you that competitive advantage in Large Format Graphics printing.

reTHINK Commercial Print

reTHINK Commercial Print

Discover what the future could hold for you as a commercial printer, and how you can optimise processes through end-to-end solutions and add value to your customers’ businesses.

Looking to make your print production more sustainable?

Looking to make your print production more sustainable?

Find out about the environmental benefits of Canon production inkjet technology

Group of friends taking part in book club

Exclusivity: the new growth opportunity in publishing

If publishers are looking to drive demand, they need to deliver content that makes followers feel special.

Man pinning print onto wall

Print’s power of touch

In this article, we explore how brands can use print’s power of touch to boost customer engagement and build relationships.

Black and white image of faces with one image in colour

Getting started with programmatic print

How can service providers start benefiting from Programmatic Print? This article gives you some tips.

Digital wallpaper printing done right

Digital wallpaper printing guide

With the global home décor market growing exponentially, are you ready for the digital print revolution? Find out.

Woman reading a magazine

Tapping into new magazine potential

With the latest advancements in print technologies and automated workflows, smart data, targeted or even super personalized content is now possible in print.

UVgel technology whitepaper

UVgel technology whitepaper

Learn more about the changing roll-to-roll market and how UVgel technology can help you to stay on top of your game. Download the whitepaper.

Man looking at a printed document

Five ways print can enhance marketing campaigns

Is print the missing ingredient in your marketing mix? Here are five ways print marketing adds value.

Fuel emotion with Print direct mail on desk

How to prove print’s ROI in the marketing mix

Discover how you can use digital technologies to measure the impact of your print campaigns and provide insight on how to fine tune them.

3 steps to introduce automation at work

Collaborate effectively

Enabling dispersed employees to work together effectively is essential for success.

Agile working solutions

Agile working

Empower your teams to work efficiently and effectively from any location. 


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