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“We’re very proud of our print centre, not only because we witnessed its creation and have seen it develop, but also because, it is unique both in Italy and Europe.”

Massimiliano Cerrato, CEO, STAR7 Printing

A customer-oriented approach supported by just-in-time logistics

Unique in its market, STAR7 Printing is part of the STAR7 S.p.A. group, an internationally recognised centre for the creation and management of product content and information. As part of this group, STAR7 printing shares the same core business, strategies and planning as the other STAR7 service lines.

The company has built an innovative digital printing centre capable of growing with its customers and capitalising on the best that digital technology has to offer. The outcome is customised quality, total flexibility and the ability to keep up with a world where needs are constantly increasing, goals changing and demands are evolving.

STAR7’s products and processes have always followed this approach. Working to a just-in-time operating model, they pay particular attention to adaptability, speed and efficiency in responding to customers.

To meet its challenges, STAR7 Printing invested in Canon’s latest generation of digital monochrome and colour, sheetfed and web-fed production technology. The presses are capable of handling large volume print runs, even very fragmented ones, and of meeting highly customised requirements.

As a result, the company is able to offer customised support throughout the supply chain: from preparation and management of layouts to pre-press and production.

A strong technology partnership

Canon has been STAR7 Printing's technology partner since the company's foundation. The constant advances in Canon digital toner and high-speed inkjet solutions have delivered great production flexibility and the best quality available on the market for every printed product, whether technical, editorial or marketing.

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