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A man in a VR headset stands against a blue background with his finger pointed to the camera. ARTICLE

Get involved: 5 new ways to immerse yourself in the world

Whether it’s for productivity, learning or just for fun, immersive and interactive experiences are better, smarter and clearer than ever before.

16 March 2020
Panorama of the financial district in Frankfurt, Germany ARTICLE

Objects of interest

The ability to identify, track and analyse objects has already changed the way that cities and businesses operate – and kept children safe from harm.

19 March 2020
A man leaps from one pillar to another. ARTICLE

Daunted by DX? Don’t be.

No longer just the stuff of big business, digital transformation continues to shake up the business landscape. But what’s the key to success?

12 March 2020
A form with ‘PURCHASE ORDER’ printed across it. ARTICLE

Procurement with purpose

By introducing social value and sustainability requirements to the contract bid process, procurers are creating more than just healthy competition.

09 March 2020
Illustration of a brain, showing the challenges of the business world on the left in simple line drawings of black, grey and orange, and bright, multi-coloured paint splashes on the right. ARTICLE

Building up a head of STEAM

Creativity is high on the list of desired skills in today’s workplace. Working with students and educators, we help to add A to the STEM skillset.

05 March 2020
A woman holding green and wine-coloured flowers against a deep pink/purple background and surrounded by green fern-like leaves. ARTICLE

The hearts of female warriors

Guia Besana shares a story of femininity within a single multi-dimensional image that merges the power and fragility of womanhood.

02 March 2020
Blurred figures crossing an office walkway. ARTICLE

The Universal Office

‘Universal Design’ looks to create inclusive environments and products for all people. How can we adopt its principles into our own workplaces?

26 February 2020
Aerial view of Frankfurt by night ARTICLE

5 steps small cities can take to become ‘Smart Cities’

Lizzi Goldmeier of BriefCam shares five key ways that cities can use their existing infrastructure to work towards a ‘smart’ future.

24 February 2020
A woman’s head and shoulders as she stands in the middle of a brightly coloured projection of leaves and shapes in pink, red, purple and blue. ARTICLE

The future is bright, light, smart and 16K

ISE is over for another year, but there’s still plenty to look forward to. Matthew Koshy speculates on what we might expect to see events to come.

17 February 2020
A couple, lying on blankets and cushions. holding hands, with their heads close together, looking down at their hands. In the background are images of birds and nature. © Katya Mukhina shot on Canon EOS R + Canon RF 28-70 f/2 L USM ARTICLE

New love, on location

They’d never met before, but Katya Mukhina couldn’t resist asking Mike and Kate if she could photograph their new love in a magical forest in Siberia.

13 February 2020

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