World Unseen is changing the way we all experience imagery. It enables people with sight loss to better engage with the visual world, while challenging sighted people to see imagery through their lens. In partnership with the RNIB.

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The Smaller Explorer: Inside Canon’s Micro Satellites

The Smaller Explorer: Inside Canon’s Micro Satellites

They’re small, light, cost-effective and massively helpful across various areas including disaster response and climate tracking. And we’re at the forefront of their development. We take a look at micro satellites and their enormous potential in fields such as climate monitoring and mapping.

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  • The silhouette of a couple holding hands and dragging a suitcase, as they walk through the snow towards a ferry under bright floodlights. To their left is a sign with arrows reading “ISABELLE”

    Finding safe harbour on the Isabelle ferry

    A passenger ferry is an unusual place to find a classroom. But for many Ukrainian refugees and their children, the Isabelle is not just a temporary accommodation: it’s a place to grow, learn, and inspire change.

  • Ten men and women wearing the traditional dress of the Maasai tribe stand on a grassy verge next to a pop-up banner displaying the Canon logo. The man in the centre of the image jumps high into the air. © Peter Ndungu

    A new experience for the Maasai Mara

    Unlocking opportunities for Maasai in the Maasai Mara: Canon Experience Centre empowers locals to enhance skills and advance careers beyond safari enthusiasts.


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