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The buildings of University College Cork in Ireland, set against a blue but cloudy sky. ARTICLE

More than meets the eye

When Cantec Ireland responded to a tender from one of the world’s ‘greenest’ universities, MD Greg Tuohy never anticipated how much he would learn.

27 July 2020
Three children in a garden, one is making a huge soap bubble from a hoop. The others are laughing and screaming with the fun of it all. ARTICLE

Where memories grow

By reliving her own childhood, Helen Bartlett has become a master at helping families to cement their cherished moments into something tangible.

30 July 2020
A woman holding a tablet gives a presentation in front of a projector screen for five colleagues, who are sat at a boardroom table with laptops, glasses of water and a plate of croissants. ARTICLE

How to make negotiation a win-win game

Be firm. Be flexible, but most of all be clear and present. Negotiations are often delicate, but with the right approach they can benefit all parties.

20 July 2020
A 3D paper rabbit, talking on a paper telephone, with a paper radio in the background. ARTICLE

Endless toys for endless adventures

Keeping your children entertained is no mean feat, so Canon CEE asked families to select and build their own characters for a very special story.

23 July 2020
A panorama of the Tokyo Gate Bridge under a beautiful orange sunset ARTICLE

Together in knowledge

Our philosophy of ‘Kyosei’ can be found at the Canon Foundation in Europe, which has supported research in Europe and Japan for over 30 years.

16 July 2020
Eight young people, against black backgrounds, all wearing masks to cover their mouths and noses. ARTICLE

What is a voice? Four organisations helping young people to be their best selves

We believe that education holds the key to a more equitable world. Meet four organisations who share our view and learn about their important work with young people.

13 July 2020
A little girl holds a Canon camera up to her face to take a picture, while behind her another little girl places her hands over hers and looks over her shoulder. ARTICLE

Learning the right to expression

The children of homeless families in Mumbai had fun with cameras, but they also learnt the more fundamental lesson of what it means to be visible.

25 June 2020
A Man Utd player lies on his back on the pitch, awaiting treatment. (Photo courtesy of Manchester United FC.) ARTICLE

A room with a view: managing subtle injuries at Man Utd’s imaging centre

In-house imaging gives Dr Steve McNally, Head of Football Medicine at Man Utd, the edge in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of player injuries.

22 June 2020
New Fire: illuminating the fifth Aztec sun ARTICLE

New Fire: illuminating the fifth Aztec sun

Beautiful, accomplished, complex. The Aztec creation myth is brought to life at the Linden Museum in Stuttgart through storytelling and immersive tech.

18 June 2020
A handheld tool for ARTICLE


The centuries-old tradition of Arabic storytelling or ‘Hakawati’ has been given a very modern reimagining through social media by Canon Middle East.

15 June 2020

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