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Close up of a woman’s eye ARTICLE

Who is Canon?

Our products and expertise reach places you may never have realised and touch millions of lives every day. Find out more about the Canon of today – and tomorrow.

03 June 2019
Attendees of the United Nations Global Festival of Action listen to event speakers ARTICLE

SDGs: Guiding humankind to a better tomorrow

17-year-old High School Student, Jana Carolien Scholtenfrom Germany shares her view on the blueprint for a better future – The United Nations SDGs

06 June 2019
The cast of Verdi’s Aida on stage at the Teatro Carlo Felice Article

Freeing Aida

Verdi's Aida gets an altogether modern realisation using state of the art projectors to bring the Old Kingdom of Egypt to Genoa's principle opera house, the Teatro Carlo Felice.

27 May 2019
A hand reaching onto a red ladder, which points at a bright blue sky ARTICLE

Ethical + Sustainable = Successful

Living ethically doesn’t have to stop when you get to work. Today’s successful businesses see sustainability as a key to success.

30 May 2019
City street with a colourful speed/motion effect applied ARTICLE

Data: It’s not the size, it’s what you do with it that counts.

Data by itself is just data. Without a clear plan of how to use it, you could miss out on its huge potential for transformative change.

20 May 2019
Japan's Karne Hesketh celebrates with team mates at the corner of a rugby pitch with cheering crowd in the background ARTICLE

Rugby history at the flip of a coin

A simple toss of a coin meant Canon Ambassador Eddie Keogh was in the right place at the right time when Japan beat South Africa at RWC 2015.

23 May 2019
Gavin Turk’s bronze egg sculpture entitled ‘Oeuvre (Verdigris)’  ARTICLE

What is an egg?

Controversial artist, Gavin Turk brings his ‘Oeuvre’ to Photo London and asks the world’s photographers “what is an egg?”

16 May 2019
Four hands touching. Article

What it means to survive

‘Voice of Freedom’ is a photography exhibition which brings the voices of formerly enslaved women from Nigeria to the public for the first time.

17 May 2019
Shot of a forest in Summer from below, with yellow-green leaves and bright blue sky ARTICLE

What kind of storyteller are you?

Telling stories is as old as time, but no two storytellers are the same. What kind are you?

09 May 2019
Audun Rikardsen’s father, captured above water, also showing the fish under water, using a split photography technique. ARTICLE

Connecting two worlds

Canon Ambassador Audun Rikardsen shares one of his most personal photographs of his disabled father capturing a salmon in the river Alta in Norway.

13 May 2019

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