Information Security with Canon

Today’s businesses store, share and collaborate on information across platforms and locations, making it harder to safeguard. Canon’s holistic approach to information security ensures that wherever information is accessed, managed and processed, keeping it safe is simple.
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Device Security

Keep your data safe at all times. Canon’s device portfolio builds in the latest security features to protect your data in every stage of the document workflow.

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Business Software

Canon’s software solutions help you secure all sensitive data across the document lifecycle, whether in paper or digital format.

Our aim is to help organisations take control of their information and maintain a secure working environment. But crucially, we always make sure people can access the information they need easily.

Security Services

Need help with your information security? Canon’s security services help customers make – and keep – their IT environments more secure, and in full compliance with relevant regulations.

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Secure by Design

Canon’s products and solutions have stringent security built into their design, so you can preserve confidentiality, comply with regulations and maintain business continuity.

Stay secure with Canon

Worried that hybrid working has left your business less secure?

Data compliance issues keeping you awake at night?

Whatever your information security challenges, get practical advice from information security experts. Or discover our solutions guide to help you confidently navigate hybrid working security.

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Your security benefits with Canon

Prevent attacks

Protect key data from threats – whether malicious or accidental – and defend your organisation’s IT perimeter

Protect data

Stop data leaks and keep control over your documents at every stage

Prove compliance

Stay compliant with data regulations and avoid fines

Safeguard reputation

Avoid reputational damage from data breaches and any subsequent fines

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Information Security with Canon


Information Security with Canon

Whether you’re charting a path through compliance minefields or defending critical data from criminals, we’re here to help.

Get the detail on our approach to information security and learn how our products, solutions and services work to protect your business.

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