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Modern business doesn’t just happen in one place. That’s why we use 360° hardware security to help you manage risk across your networked print and scan fleet. Don’t let your devices let you down.
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Canon Device Security

Printers, scanners, presses: we’re proud to offer many devices to support businesses around Europe.

But however each device is used – whether it’s in your home office or an industrial-scale printing factory – security remains crucial.


Take control of your Device Security with Canon

Prevent security breaches

Defend your workspace from cyber attacks

Protect your business

Avoid fines and brand damage caused by information leaks

Boost compliance

Enable your company’s data security policies and meet regulations

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Key Features

Our devices are built to prevent attacks, protect data and strengthen compliance, through every stage of your documents’ lifecycle.

End-to-End Encryption

Make it harder for hackers with constantly updated encryption protocols

User Authentication

Ensure the right people access the right devices with per-user credentials

Digital Signatures

Secure your network and confirm the identity of sending devices or users

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Information Security with Canon: Devices Factsheet

Everything you need to know about how we keep your devices secure.

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Related Products and Solutions

All our devices use a platform that provides strong security capabilities. We offer one of the widest ranges in the market, catering for any business print needs, from small home offices to full-scale, multi-location enterprise environments.

Find out more about our devices and how they can help boost your productivity and print security.

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