Working in partnership to keep business moving

Bidfood places a huge emphasis on their relationship with suppliers and keeps the customer at the centre of everything they do.
Bidfood partnership with Canon video

Bidfood shares their customer’s passion for great food

As one of the UK’s leading food service providers, with a depot network of 24 sites, Bidfood works behind the scenes to supply more than 10,000 products to over 45,000 caterers and food service businesses around the UK.

Bidfood places a huge emphasis on their relationship with suppliers and keeping the customer at the centre of everything they do.

“Over the last ten years, Canon have proven themselves. They have consistently delivered. They've delivered savings, they've delivered efficiencies, they've been competitive, and the relationship has grown from strength to strength.”

Faye Reeve MCIPS, Head of Procurement, Bidfood
Growth supported by digital transformation

Benefits of partnership

Bidfood has worked with Canon for over a decade to achieve significant efficiencies in their print and document management strategy. This partnership is built on collaboration, trust and clearly defined goals with Canon providing technology, services and best practices that supports Bidfood in delivering excellent food service.

During the first phase of the partnership in 2013, Canon deployed 150 devices and from the outset worked to determine the appropriate Canon technologies and solutions to meet Bidfood’s requirements. This partnership continues to this day, ensuring ongoing loyalty, fantastic engagement, strategic thinking, and consistency.

“They’ve actually taken the time to really look into what are the business requirements and how the business is going to change over the next five to ten years to make sure that the solutions they put in are a good fit for the business and also future proofed.”

Lee Hinton, IT Director, Bidfood
Bidfood representatives discussing growth supported by digital transformation.

Growth supported by digital transformation

Before Canon, Bidfood was experiencing a significant management overhead and increasing costs. Printing was distributed across different printer models and makes. After conducting thorough research into every area of Bidfood's business, Canon completely transformed Bidfood’s print and scanning solutions across the business, implementing innovative and bespoke solutions including IRISXtract – which automatically classifies documents and extracts the data – and uniFLOW – an on-premise integrated software solution that manages all printing and scanning workflows. These solutions provided excellent cost control, increased productivity and enhanced security.

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