Reset, Reform, Renew & Resilient

Norfolk County Council (NCC) continues to transform with Canon.
  • Objectives

    • Move towards a more sustainable document management approach
    • Create a seamless work experience
    • Provide citizens with improved digital services
    • Reduce printing and mail costs

  • Challenges

    • Immediate action required due to pandemic and new ways of working
    • Too many processes were reliant on hard copies and in-office working at a cost of £1 million a year
    • Very time consuming scanning programme
    • NCC was undergoing a complex business transformation programme

  • Approach

    • NCC invested in a number of Canon services and solutions to continually improve, transform and enhance its services

  • Achievements

    • £3.85 million financial savings over 5 years from Digital Transformation projects
    • Cloud based solution providing an intuitive experience with increased security of data
    • 25m to 6m p.a. reduction in print volumes
    • £450k storage savings

Norfolk County Council turning challenges into opportunities

"Canon is helping us to only buy what we need. We previously had to build huge systems which became obsolete and needed to be replaced every few years. We now expect that we will iterate our product suite with continual upgrades at least every 6 months. The flexibility and potential of the solutions Canon has provided is hugely exciting for the way we work."

Kurt Frary, Head of Information Technology & Chief Technology Officer, Norfolk County Council

Turning challenges into opportunities

In the early days of the pandemic, no one was certain whether there would be a permanent shift in working patterns, however, there were clearly opportunities to use the situation to drive long-lasting improvements in the way services were delivered. NCC introduced inbound and outbound mail services to support staff better and allowing for more efficient workflows. The Council procured several smaller Canon multifunction devices to enable them to be more flexible in how they delivered a face-to-face service to the public.

Norfolk County Council turning challenges into opportunities

"It’s no longer about bringing massive change every 5 years, but about making a huge change to how we work and prepare ourselves for the future of local government. Working with a forward-thinking partner like Canon enables us to deliver new and improved digital services benefitting the citizens of Norfolk."

Kurt Frary, Head of Information Technology & Chief Technology Officer, Norfolk County Council

The next generation of digital services

To ensure a forward-thinking approach, NCC decided to drastically reduce its reliance on paper as part of a drive to become more sustainable, while also making advanced centralised capabilities available to staff that need to print important documents. As a result, NCC established a remarkable Digital Transformation Services facility in Scottow, Norfolk.

Powered by an array of Canon hardware and software solutions, the facility has provided a physical and digital platform for delivery and development of the next generation of digital services, utilising Canon's Information Management solutions.

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