Hacketts' Journey with Canon: Continuing Flatbed Printing Excellence

Discover the Benefits of Hacketts' Precision, Speed, Print Quality and Sustainable Commitment in Digital Printing

Owner of Hacketts in front of Arizona flatbed printer
  • Objective

    - Hacketts wanted to strengthen position in current commercial print and display graphics markets
    - Further invest in leading digital print technology for better quality, speed and diversity of applications

  • Challenges

    - Consolidating production line and streamlining costs
    - Identifying right technology and partner to enhance productivity, speed and quality

  • Approach

    We knew that in order to keep up with customer demands, and remain competitive, we had to continue to invest in our print machinery. Upgrading to the latest Canon Arizona allowed us to continue to provide our customers with the highest quality printed solutions, in a sustainable way, now and into the future.

  • Benefits

    - New market possibilities and new products and solutions
    - Predicted business growth
    - Expansion of current client offering
    - Attracting new business through new capabilities
    - Streamlining the print job preparation process to adhere to customer deadlines.

Welcome to Hacketts, a leader in the digital printing industry, renowned for its commitment to quality and sustainability. Since 1954, Hacketts has grown from a small supplier to a major player in printing with four locations across Ireland, offering comprehensive services from design to installation

Upgrade Arizona 360 to new Arizona 1300 FLOW

A key factor in Hacketts' ability to provide high-quality, sustainable printing services is its partnership with Canon. The company recently upgraded its previous Arizona with the Canon Arizona 1300 FLOW series, a state-of-the-art machine known for its efficiency, precision, and sustainable features. This investment has enabled Hacketts to offer a wider range of printing solutions, including matte finishes that meet the evolving preferences of its customers.

"Our previous Arizona 360GT was a fantastic unit that brought us into the world of display & signage printing, but it was time to upgrade. The advantages of our new machine are the automatic head cleaning, 2-litre ink tanks, a double white print head, high-quality matte printing, and automatic material registration with immediate curing and drying," O’Loughlin highlights. "The FLOW technology introduces a zone-less table layout and it virtually eliminates the need for masking or taping of the table". These features have significantly enhanced Hacketts' production capabilities, allowing for faster turnaround times and more precise finishing and cutting.

“The investment in the Arizona 1300 FLOW has broadened our printing capabilities.”

Brian O’Loughlin, Director, Hacketts

Significant strides in sustainability

Hacketts has made significant strides in sustainability, reducing its use of plastics by printing on 100% recycled board. "We're committed to sustainability," adds O’Loughlin. This approach is valued by clients who prioritize environmental responsibility.

"The machine's GreenGuard gold standard ensures our printed products are safe for sensitive environments like schools and healthcare facilities," O’Loughlin notes. The Arizona's energy and ink efficiency further reduces Hacketts' carbon footprint and operating costs.

Remarkable energy/ink efficiency

The vacuum pumps in the Arizonas consume up to 70% less energy than those from other manufacturers. Arizona LED printers push the envelope further by using approximately 15% less energy compared to their UV-halide counterparts. This efficiency is complemented by the innovative VariaDot printing technology, which slashes ink consumption by 50% when compared to fixed dot six-color flatbed printers.

Canon Camera

“Time taken to set up for white ink has reduced significantly. We estimate the labour saving per week around 7.5 hours”

Brian O’Loughlin, Director, Hacketts

Attracting new business through new capabilities

Hacketts' decision to upgrade their printing capabilities by replacing their Arizona 360 GT with the Canon Arizona 1300 FLOW model is a testament to their trust in Canon's technology and commitment to staying at the forefront of the printing industry. This strategic move not only enhances their service offerings but also reinforces their dedication to providing clients with the highest quality and most sustainable printing solutions available.

Hacketts' collaboration with Canon demonstrates how innovation and sustainability can drive business success. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and embracing sustainable practices, Hacketts continues to lead in the digital printing industry, delivering exceptional value to clients while positively impacting the environment.

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