Canon welcomes 62 new creative minds to its EMEA Ambassador programme

United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 13th November 2023 – Since its inception in 2008, the Canon EMEA Ambassador programme has grown into one of the most influential industry initiatives bringing photographers, videographers and cinematographers together, to share their knowledge and skill with the wider imaging community. This month, marking the most comprehensive programme update in the past three years, 62 cross-discipline creators will join the ranks.

Following a rigorous selection process by a panel of industry experts, this year’s intake will play a pivotal role in advancing the programme’s goals. These include fostering strong relationships between Canon and the professional community to support, educate, inspire and nurture visual storytellers at all levels in a shared passion. New artistic voices will be key to this conversation, spearheaded by the likes of Camilla Ferrari and Chiara Negrello, two young creatives brimming with talent and ideas whose first connections with Canon were forged years prior as alumni of the Canon Student Development Programme.

Susie Donaldson, European Marketing Director for Canon said: “We truly feel that this new Ambassador cohort will usher in a new era for the programme. We can’t wait to learn more about their perspectives on image-making and using the camera as a tool for storytelling, as well as discussing topics and issues that really matter to them. The increased size of the programme also means that we can now reach and inspire even more creatives through workshops, talks and tutorials.”

Celebrating the very best in visual storytelling, the Canon EMEA Ambassador Programme brings together a wide spectrum of talent, from internationally-acclaimed visual artists and photojournalists that spearhead change, to rising stars in the creator space who have mastered the formula of successful storytelling.

Canon welcomes five new UK-based image creators to the Ambassador Programme including wildlife photographers Danielle Connor and Ellie Rothnie; fashion photographer Ian Hippolyte; wedding photographer Igor Demba; and sports photographer Richard Heathcote. They will join our community to share their passion and technical expertise with an eager audience of photography professionals, hobbyists and enthusiasts in a variety of personal appearances, seminars and shows to inspire others.

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