Canon bolsters Reference Display range with new 18”, 4K HDR display

London, UK - 1ˢᵗ December 2021 - Canon Europe today announces the launch of the portable DP-V1830 reference display, offering impeccable 4K image reproduction which addresses the recent surge in 4K HDR broadcasting and filmmaking. This uncompromising monitor is designed to produce bold, true to life colours, while award-winning HDR monitoring tools provide production teams with the intricate information required for detailed image analysis. A lightweight model, the DP-V1830 is perfect for broadcasting, OB trucks and on-set HDR monitoring.

With remarkable image quality and HDR monitoring tools, the portable DP-V1830 is perfect for production teams on the go

Faithful image reproduction

This 18” 4K HDR LCD Display is capable of 1,000 cd/m² full-screen brightness, delivering vibrant, high-quality images that pack a punch. Employing Canon’s advanced display technology, the DP-V1830 meets the demanding requirements of HDR broadcasters and post-production colourists with consistent bright uniform performance and a wide colour gamut. With an ultra-low black level of 0.001 cd/m2, the DP-V1830 produces impressive HDR performance and colour accuracy that achieves Dolby Vision certification and Grade 1A in EBU Tech 3320 standardsᶦ.

Advanced HDR monitoring tools

Further to the impeccable image reproduction of this reference monitor, the DP-V1830 makes use of Canon’s award-winning advanced HDR monitoring tools, such as HDR Waveform Monitor and False Colour, to provide detailed image analysis for production teams. In addition to traditional HDR monitoring functions, this model employs pioneering new tools such as a Pixel Value Check, Out of Gamut/Luminance Display and direct HDR/SDR comparisons, providing detailed information regarding every aspect of the signal.

Enhanced connectivity and portability

The DP-V1830 has a broad array of connectivity options which allow production teams to simply integrate it with existing workflows. With four input and four output 12G-SDI Terminals and one HDMI input, this monitor is capable of delivering 4K60P 4:2:2 10-bit or 4K30P 4:4:4 12-bit signals and can even support high-resolution 8K, meaning it meets the content demands of the future. The DP-V1830 supports simultaneous viewing up to 4K in either Dual or Quad array – perfect for productions with multi-camera set ups. A strong, yet compact design with slim bezels and lightweight, 7.5kg body make the DP-V1830 suitable for fast-paced productions on the move.

Built with the future in mind

The DP-V1830 features Canon’s all new processing platform, which will open the door for future exclusive firmware updates that will continue to enhance the display’s capabilities. Canon plan to release firmware in Summer 2022, adding RGB Parade waveform monitoring and input switching via the multi-function SDI outputᶦᶦ, amongst other featuresᶦᶦᶦ. To give greater visibility and control over the image quality, the upgrade will include adjustments for Dual and Quad View which enable users to apply individual LUTs to each input and also a chromaticity diagram representing colour distribution throughout the whole image.

The DP-V1830 will be on sale in Q1 2022. For more information about the display, please visit:

DP-V1830 key features:

  • 18” 4K HDR Display which achieves 1,000 cd/m2 full-screen brightness
  • Advanced award-winning HDR Monitoring tools
  • Outstanding Image Quality which achieves Dolby Vision and EBU TECH3320 Standards
  • Uncompromised Connectivity featuring 4x 12G-SDI and 1x HDMI terminals
  • Compact and Lightweight 7.5kg chassis

i Grade 1A rating achieved for contrast ratio, peak luminance, black level, luminance uniformity and delay time.
ii This feature will be available as a paid upgrade.
iii Additional functions under development and are subject to change without notice.