Canon receives top-level Supplier Engagement Leader award by international non-profit organization CDP program recognizing supplier engagement

United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, March 30, 2023 - Canon Inc. announced that the company has been named a Supplier Engagement Leader in the 2022 CDP Supplier Engagement Rating by the U.K. based non-profit organization CDP1 in recognition of Canon's effective engagement with suppliers towards efforts to respond to climate change.

The Supplier Engagement Rating recognizes companies that work effectively with suppliers towards efforts to respond to climate change. Companies from around the world are surveyed, with only those in the top 8% earning the title of Supplier Engagement Leader.

Under its corporate philosophy of kyosei, Canon aims to realize a society that achieves a beneficial balance between lifestyle enrichment and the environment. In 2008, the company launched its Action for Green environmental vision. With the target of an average annual 3% improvement in the index of lifecycle CO2 emissions per product unit, Canon aims to sustainably reduce product lifecycle CO2 emissions not only at its own facilities, but also emissions of its partners throughout the company's supply chain. In addition, key environmental data including CO2 emissions is verified and guaranteed2 by a third-party entity.

Furthermore, in regards to its suppliers, Canon pursues environmental activities and initiatives based on its understanding and adherence to the Canon Supplier Code of Conduct and the Canon Green Procurement Standards, both of which are modelled after the RBA Code of Conduct.

Canon recognies that such initiatives for sustainability led to its selection as a Supplier Engagement Leader.

Together with its suppliers, Canon promotes initiatives towards net-zero CO2 emissions throughout the lifecycle of its products.

  1. Established in 2000. Acting on behalf of such organizations as institutional investors and major consumer businesses, the CDP supports a singular global system whereby businesses and cities measure, disclose, manage and share important environmental information including climate change countermeasures, water resource conservation and forestry protection. In 2022, 18,700 corporate enterprises responded to information requests.
  2. Canon has received third-party assurance from Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Limited (LRQA).
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