Canon imagePRESS V series achieves over 2,300 sales in EMEA with all models now Fogra certified

Canon’s imagePRESS V1350 and V900 series sheetfed toner production systems have achieved Fogra’s1 PSD (ProcessStandard Digital) certification and reached significant sales milestones. Since their respective sales launches in December 2022 and May 2023, over 1,600 units of the imagePRESS V900 series and over 120 imagePRESS V1350 units have been installed in EMEA. Completing the imagePRESS V series, there have been more than 660 installations of the imagePRESS V1000, which was launched in April 2022 and achieved Fogra certification in August 2022.

  • Canon's imagePRESS V1350 has achieved Fogra PSD certification.

  • The Fogra PSD-certified imagePRESS V900 series has seen over 1,600 installations in EMEA.

  • Danish company, Huuray invested in an imagePRESS V700 in summer 2023.

The imagePRESS V1350 and the V900 series have now been certified by Fogra. Both printers received the highest possible Print Quality Class, scoring a grade ‘A’ for colour fidelity and consistency, and Fogra found the uniformity, resolution and artifacts met its standards. This was achieved with both the Canon PRISMAsync server and Fiery technology-driven imagePRESS servers.

imagePRESS V900 series delivers on print quality and flexibility

With over 1,600 installations in EMEA, the imagePRESS V900 series is proving to be a popular choice thanks to the extensive range of applications printable on one compact device. The imagePRESS V900 series comes in three different models – V900, V800 and V700 – reflecting the maximum A4 print speed of each – 90ppm, 80ppm and 70ppm. Designed for fast-paced production environments, the printer offers consistency, high quality, versatility and media choice in abundance.

Danish company, Huuray invested in an imagePRESS V700 in summer 2023 to expand its offering of personalised gift cards. Dann Grønhøj, COO of Huuray, comments, “Interest in physical gift cards has increased and, to meet growing demand, we needed a printer that could handle the increased volume of jobs. Previously, we’ve only been able to print 15 gift cards at a time and there were too many manual processes and inefficiencies during production.”

“We can already see that this technology investment has contributed significantly to our growth”, he continues. “Just two months after implementing the new printer, we've been able to deliver gift cards to a growing customer base, something we wouldn’t have achieved with our old printer. We’re particularly impressed with the print speed of the imagePRESS V700 as it prints significantly faster than our old printer so we save a lot of time. We’re also very happy with the quality and high resolution, resulting in a better finish on our gift cards on a wider range of media.”

Family-run, Italian print service provider Tipografia Carnicella also sees the benefits of the quality and flexibility of the system. Andrea Carnicella, Owner of Tipografia Carnicella comments, “We invested in the imagePRESS V900 as it guarantees excellent print quality and accuracy as well as increased production efficiency with a very low downtime. A big influence in our decision was the press' ability to print on a variety of substrates, achieving quality comparable to offset printing. With the help of the Canon imagePRESS V900, we want to increase monthly production volumes capitalising on its speed and quality by using the press to print jobs we would usually outsource or produce on one of our offset presses.”

Having worked with Canon since the 1990’s with the Canon CLC1000 and more recently with the imagePRESS V1350 and imagePRESS V700, the decision to invest in Canon’s state-of-the-art digital print equipment was not a difficult one for UK family-run business, Printroom Group.
Keith Cooper, managing director at The Printroom Group commented, ‘We’re already seeing major business benefits from these new devices, including reduced costs and more efficient productivity. The efficient turnaround we’re now seeing has freed up the devices to take on more, thus ensuring we’re maximising the immense potential of these devices. We’ve seen jobs that might have previously taken two and a half hours now turnaround in half an hour. Those sums alone prove we’ve made the right investment’.

imagePRESS V1350: a proven choice for high productivity

Delivering high productivity and a top speed of 135 A4 pages per minute, the flagship imagePRESS V1350 has reached over 120 installations in EMEA, since it entered the market in May 2023. The imagePRESS V1350 is designed for the high-volume production of high-quality print applications, such as brochures, leaflets, high end mailings and even personalised packaging applications. 

Italian print service provider E. Lui Tipografia is one of the leading players in the printing and publishing market and has always looked for printing devices that can guarantee stability and productivity. Enrico Lui, Owner of E. Lui Tipografia, comments, "Unlike other mature printing technologies, digital colour printing still has plenty of room for technological growth. In our opinion, Canon is the brand that invests the most in this growth, introducing major upgrades with each machine generation. Since our first tests, the imagePRESS V1350 has demonstrated a major generational leap from the previous series."

Duncan Smith, Country Director, Production, Canon UK & Ireland comments, “Since these additions to the imagePRESS V series were announced, we’ve seen great interest in the technology and versatility of the respective presses, and the growth path the total imagePRESS V series and our broader sheetfed portfolio offers our customers. Grounded in powerful and proven patented technology, the series enables our customers to work better, faster, and with greater scope to offer their customers more high-value print products. We’re excited to have our complete imagePRESS V series Fogra-certified and we have no doubt that commercial and in-house printers as well as the brands and marketing departments they serve, can benefit from the clearly defined standards and endorsement this certification provides.”

See the imagePRESS V series and other Fogra-certified Canon presses live at drupa 2024 on Canon’s stand in hall 8a.

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  1. Fogra is a highly respected, not-for-profit scientific research institute for the printing and media industries. Located in Germany, it conducts audits that provide an independent quality benchmark, enabling both vendors and print businesses to objectively assess the capabilities of their presses and production processes.