Canon launches new ‘Canon Club’ community platform to inspire, support and reward creators

United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 15th December 2022 – Canon Europe is committed to helping creators bring their unique creativity to life, one image, video or print at a time. To reinforce this mission and to encourage skillset and ideas exchange amongst Canon fans, the brand has launched ‘Canon Club’, a membership programme with a community platform for like-minded creatives, where members can learn, explore and get inspiration from fellow Canon creators whilst accessing exclusive benefits. Canon Club has already gained a lively community of over 11,000 members.

When first logging in, members will find a personalised, social media-style home page, curated based on their interests and skills. The account page features trending groups and challenges, an inspiration gallery, recommended apps, exclusive Canon Club articles or contents and an overview of benefits earned. Members can share tips and ideas with each other, raise questions and get advice from Canon Ambassadors through Q&A sessions and tutorials.

Following their interest areas and popular genres, members can also join existing groups or start their own. Regular challenges give the community a chance to vote for the winner, appreciate each other’s work and increase confidence in technical skills.

“Our intention with Canon Club is to create an inspirational community where creators can learn, discuss and explore”, said Beth Simpson, CRM & Data Analytics Senior Manager, Canon Europe. “Whilst many online platforms for sharing photo, video and print content already exist, Canon Club is a dedicated membership programme for our customers as they pursue their passion for image creation and craft printing. Canon Club not only provides inspiration and fresh ideas but also showcases our talented and supportive community of creators looking to improve their skills by learning and growing together.”

By engaging with the community, members can earn points and move through three tiers*. At each tier, members become eligible for more benefits including maintenance services, discounts on selected Canon products and participation in joint promotions with Canon’s partners.

To join, simply sign up for a Canon account, purchase and register a product and an invite to join the Canon Club community will follow:

*Canon Club offers the following tiers:

Tier 1: 1-100 points. Start the Canon journey, with learning resources and inspiring content. Everything you need to begin elevating your life stories and creative printing.

Tier 2: 101-350 points. Fuel your creativity further. Plus, get access to events and workshops delivered by Canon Ambassadors and renowned content creators.

Tier 3: 351+ points. Progress to the highest tier and fully master your craft. Keep your skills sharp with additional classes featuring Canon Ambassadors.