Canon sets a new benchmark in production print with the launch of the imagePRESS V1000

LONDON, UK, 26ᵗʰ April 2022 – Canon Europe today sets a new standard in production print with the launch of its brand-new cut-sheet digital colour press, the imagePRESS V1000. Overcoming the day-to-day production challenges faced by commercial and in-house print service providers (PSPs), the new device incorporates progressive technological features and proven performance attributes, establishing it as the next generation in the evolution of the imagePRESS family. Thanks to the range of new features and technology, the imagePRESS V1000 also delivers consistent quality and maximum reliability and uptime to boost the production capabilities and application offerings of print professionals.

Hiro Imamura, Vice President, Marketing & Innovation, Digital Printing & Solutions at Canon Europe says: “The imagePRESS V1000 raises the bar on productivity and can handle a very broad variety of media. By responding to the needs of our customer base, we have brought a fresh perspective to digital toner press design, exploring innovative ways to tackle everyday production headaches and helping print businesses to work better, faster, with more scope to offer their customers creative print products. Packed with features that overcome common challenges for print businesses, the imagePRESS V1000 can take on a wider variety of print jobs and meet more demanding timescales. By ensuring consistently high productivity and building in more automation for great print quality with minimal intervention, we’re freeing up operator time for our customers, enabling their expertise to be channelled into creating value for clients and developing the business in new directions.”

The new imagePRESS V1000 gives print businesses greater flexibility to handle diverse briefs, offering customers exciting formats and a very broad media capability. Full of innovative features designed to make life easier for operators and maximise creative and commercial potential, it’s the ideal investment for time-stretched PSPs looking for a robust and reliable digital print engine that delivers every day, regardless of the print job.

Consistently high productivity

The option of the Multi-Drawer Paper Deck in conjunction with the use of the POD XL and Bypass trays boosts the engine’s paper input capabilities. With brand new transfer technology, the engine ensures even colour distribution, with no risk of sticking when switching between media weights on the fly. New integrated POD-SURF fixing technology controls the temperature of the fixing belt, giving customers a consistent print speed of 100ppm with a broad range of media types and weights from 52 to 400 gsm, including synthetic and magnetic media. Due to the new two-step registration correction, the press has the ability to auto-duplex banner sheets up to 1.3m. Unscheduled stops and slowdowns are a thing of the past, thanks to remote alerts that inform the operator if consumables are running low. Furthermore, operators can change media, toner and remove toner waste while the press is running, maintaining productivity of the engine.

Automation frees up valuable operator time

The inbuilt spectrophotometric sensor saves time and reduces the level of skill required for colour control by enabling calibration and adjustment at the push of a button, without offline quality checks. New two-step registration correction technology ensures perfect alignment every time, even on long sheets. The optional Sensing Unit automatically detects prints that don’t match the registration and colour settings for the job, then adjusts and maintains these settings throughout the print run, saving time and maintaining productivity.

Dependable quality and minimal wastage

The imagePRESS V1000 integrates an innovative cooling system that cools the paper immediately after fixing for optimum quality, and minimises the risk of waste through warping, sticking or bricking if a job is left standing.

An innovative take on sheet transfer technology creates the optimal transport path for each sheet during the printing process as the positions of the secondary transfer roller and back-up sheet are variable and change depending on the weight of the media.

Compact footprint

With the most compact footprint of any mid-volume digital production print engine, the innovative design of the imagePRESS V1000 delivers the 100ppm production capabilities of a much larger press in a footprint of under 3m², ideal for any print room where space is at a premium.

Thinking of the future

The imagePRESS V1000 meets the highest standards of energy efficiency. Not only is the engine ENERGY STAR certified, but it’s also received the EPEAT Gold from the EPEAT Registry, the global rating system for greener electronics. With the ability to carry out a one-time test and enjoy the associated energy cost savings, gone are the days of trial and error and print wastage.

Every consideration has been given to sustainability with the design of the imagePRESS V1000. If the media in the drawer doesn’t match the settings, the job can be stopped before printing, resulting in reduced waste, power consumption and CO² emissions. The optional Sensing Unit for the engine makes front-to-back registration adjustments on the fly, reducing the need for reprints. And using PRISMAsync or EFI Fiery controllers, operators can check every detail of the print job, including the quality, and make real-time changes on the user interface before hitting the print button, further cutting out unnecessary misprints.

Built to tackle the most innovative applications on an extended range of media types and weights at speeds of 100ppm, the imagePRESS V1000 allows print professionals to turn around a greater variety and volume of jobs at speed without any compromise on quality or productivity.


The new imagePRESS V1000 Series will be commercially available from Canon and accredited partners from June 2022.

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