Canon is enhancing its product support for professionals

• Canon Professional Services is introducing new benefits to help minimise downtime
• New membership plans are designed to offer a single-minded service framework for professionals and businesses alike
• The announcement is part of Canon’s longer-term vision to improve customer experiences, following the recent launch of Canon Club

London, United Kingdom, 27th February 2023 – Today, Canon Europe announces vital changes to its product support, with Canon Professional Services (CPS) evolving into a dedicated membership programme for professional photographers and videographers. New bespoke membership plans and enhanced benefits are putting the emphasis on protecting professionals and businesses against unexpected downtime and potential loss of income. With the upcoming transition, Canon is tightening its service committment to those who rely on Canon products as their business tools.

Extending product support for professional customers and businesses, the new programme will deliver class-leading service to eligible professionals through an annual membership fee, with silver, gold and platinum plans tailored to varying business sizes and the volume of products they own. Membership rates start at €100 (excl. VAT) per year. Amongst a variety of core benefits, all members will receive:
• Fast Track Servicing
• A yearly maintenance service allowance
• Discounts on Maintenance & Upgrade services and repairs
• Unlimited next business day shipping
• Access to a priority helpdesk
• Complimentary business coaching.

Depending on their CPS Membership Tier, eligible businesses can request back-up loans on top of the base-level benefits. In addition, tailored service packages for larger corporations are wrapped under this new proposition. [Details about corporate solutions can be accessed here]. What’s more, CPS members can save their electronic membership cards in their smartphone wallets, making it easy to access the necessary support information quickly should something happen.

“Since its early days in the 1980s, CPS has been a trusted partner for countless professionals, and with any legacy programme, we needed to reassess whether it is still serving the demands of today’s creators. As a leader in imaging, we welcome seeing the professional landscape get more diverse and certain barriers to entry lifting, but this also means that we have to acknowledge the changing needs of professionals who are looking to succeed in this industry. We want to arm creatives with the very best product support, so they are well placed to thrive in an increasingly competitive environment – whether this will be through offering repairs at reduced rates, fast tracking service requests or upskilling businesses through coaching sessions”, says Elena Burnhill, CPS Programme Manager, Canon Europe.

Striving to constantly improve its customer experience, Canon has already set up a new resource for anyone not using Canon products in a professional capacity: ‘Canon Club’ is a membership programme built to ensure that all Canon users can access community support. Since its launch in 2022, the platform has formed a lively online community of like-minded creatives sharing ideas and advice with each other – all the while earning points as they move through membership tiers. Canon users who might not qualify for the new Canon Professional Services will continue to be able to log service and repairs requests through their Canon account.

The announced changes to Canon Professional Services will come into effect later in 2023*. For more information, please visit:

*Countries that will be rolling out the new CPS programme are: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.

*How to join the new CPS:

Create a Canon Business ID: New CPS members are being asked to create a Canon Business ID, which is separate from any existing Canon IDs. Once a Business ID has been set up and validated, your team or your employees can access the new Business account.
Register your Canon kit: Upon successful creation of the Business ID, customers will be offered to migrate already registered products into the new service programme. Each fully registered product will generate product points.
Choose your plan: Available membership plans depend on the number of product points accumulated. It is possible to upgrade or downgrade membership levels (within the acquired points range) at the end of the annual billing period.
Payment: CPS membership will be avaible to be purchased online through the Canon Business account. Once subscription was requested, a VAT invoice will be generated.