Feeling a little down? Printing photos helps make you feel happier

United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 19 October 2017 – New research released today by Canon UK has revealed that 68% of the nation admit they feel ‘happier’ looking at printed photos.

Two thirds of Brits agree that printing photos makes them feel ‘happier’ as they remember stories from the past, the study of 2,000 adults has revealed*.

According to the survey, more than half of the British public agree that by printing a photo you are holding onto that memory and allowing the story to live for longer.

Printing photos and remembering stories can ignite powerful emotions in us. The survey shows that 15% have felt emotional to the point that they have cried when looking at printed photos.

The survey showed that people from London take more photos than any other region in the UK, with 29% taking more than 10 photos each week. Half the nation (50%) agree that sometimes the most special moments can happen when you are least expecting it, and would like the opportunity to be able to spontaneously print photos when out and about to capture those moments.

“The positive effect printed photography has on us is undoubtable”, commented Susie Donaldson, Marketing Director, Canon UK & Ireland. “For me it is the nostalgia that comes with physically holding that memory that invokes emotions. At Canon we understand the importance of printed images so have made it even easier to print with Wi-Fi connectivity and portable printers, as well as enabling people to print directly from their smartphone.”

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