Canon steps up presentation proposition with new XEED WUX6500 projector, wide angle LX projector lens, and PR500-R handheld presenter

United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 24 January 2017 – Canon, world-leader in imaging solutions, today announces the XEED WUX6500 projector, the PR500-R presenter and LX-IL08WZ lens to raise the standard for a variety of demanding visual applications.

The XEED WUX6500 builds on the strength of Canon’s class-leading WUX6000 range of high-brightness, vivid installation projectors. A WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution LCOS panel combined with Canon’s exceptional lens technology outputs vivid, crisp images at up to 6,500 lumens, making it the brightest single-lamp LCOS projector in Canon’s range, with a smaller form factor, lighter weight and lower power consumption than competing models.

HDBaseT alongside HDMI and DVI-I allows for greater connectivity options, including Network Multi-Projection, which when combined with Canon’s built-in edge-blending technology enables incredible projection capabilities on large surfaces at high resolutions. Interchangeable lenses further enhance the WUX6500’s versatility to allow projection from different positions and make multi-projector installations seamless when used simultaneously from different distances. Canon’s lens technology leads the market in brightness, clarity, and control of distortion.

Canon’s new PR500-R presenter combines innovative ergonomic design with premium technology to unlock a new level of quality and usability in a range of presentation environments. The laser pointer features a precision 635nm ‘double red’ laser for easier visibility in bright rooms or on bright screens, while the carefully designed tactile buttons are easily distinguished by touch to allow intuitive operation without distracting the user giving the presentation. The PR500-R features a removable dongle for fast connection to PCs and Macs and natively supports Microsoft PowerPoint, Mac Keynote and Adobe Reader. Controls include next page, previous page, start/end slideshow and black screen, and the presenter is powered by two AAA batteries for a range of 20m.

The LX-IL08WZ wide angle zoom lens is designed for Canon’s popular LX projector range to add wider angle projection capabilities at shorter distances. The lens is motorised to allow remote zoom and focus adjustment. It has a focal length of 15.73mm-23.59mm for an equivalent zoom range of 1.5x while maintaining a wide aperture for bright, clear images.

Andreas Herrnböck, European Business Development Manager Projector, Visual Communications, Canon Europe, says, “Canon is dedicated to helping businesses to deliver the best possible imaging solutions. Our customers, both end users and installers, use our projectors in some very challenging set-ups, from simple high-end education establishments through to immersive 360-degree simulation or entertainment installations. We work hard to make sure that in whatever environment, our customers are equipped to deliver the best possible experience.”

The XEED WUX6500 will be available from March 2017. The PR500-R and LX-IL08WZ are available from January 2017. For more information, visit