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Canon’s Auto-Ink Delivery service is a hassle-free way to make sure you never run out of ink. As soon as your printer detects your ink is running low, you’ll automatically receive a replacement high-capacity ink cartridge.


What is Auto-Ink Delivery?

With our ink replenishment service, whenever your printer starts running low on ink, an order is automatically placed for you. Sign up for free and you’ll automatically be sent a replacement at just the right time.

Learn more about the Canon Auto-Ink Delivery service, including how it works and how you’ll benefit from it.

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Free to join, Auto-Ink Delivery promises to fit easily into your busy routine, saving you time when it comes to ordering ink.
Auto-Ink Delivery

Free to join

Our ink replenishment service is free to join, and means you’ll automatically get ink sent to you whenever your printer is running low.

Ink is sent automatically when it’s low

Never worry about running out of ink because as soon as your printer detects it’s low, a new order will be created for you.

Auto-Ink Delivery
Auto-Ink Delivery

Cancel anytime

You’re free to cancel at any time.


How It Works

Take a closer look at how the Canon Auto-Ink Delivery works to ensure you never run out of ink again.

Step 1

Check your printer compatibility here and sign up to Auto-Ink Delivery for free.

Step 2

Make sure your printer is connected to the internet. This will enable it your printer to monitor your ink levels and automatically place an order when you start running low.

Step 3

Get ink delivered straight to your door, so you never run out. Plus, enjoy free standard shipping on orders £30+.

Why choose genuine Canon toner Cartridges

Our Top Picks of Auto-Ink Delivery Compatible Printers

Discover Canon Auto-Ink Delivery compatible printers, designed to detect when your printer is running low on ink and place an order for you.


  • What are the benefits of Auto-Ink Delivery?

    It’s a hassle-free way to make sure you never run out of ink, never order too much, and never order the wrong ink by mistake. As soon as your printer detects your ink is running low you’ll automatically receive a replacement, with free standard delivery on all orders of £30 or more. It’s free to sign up and easy to cancel at any time.

  • How do I know which printers are compatible with the service?

    It is clearly shown on the product page if the printer is Auto-Ink Delivery compatible. If you already own a Canon printer and want to check if it is Auto-Ink Delivery compatible, click here.

  • How do I sign up for the Auto-Ink Delivery for the printer?

    As long as you own an Auto-Ink Delivery compatible printer you can sign up at any time here. If you are about to buy an Auto-Ink compatible printer, you can also sign up as part of the checkout process. Once you have selected a printer, click on the check box (located on the product detail page) to sign up to the service. Add the printer to your basket and complete the checkout process.

  • How do I activate this service once I sign up?

    Once your printer is installed, click here to access the activation page and follow the steps. This will allow you to activate Auto-Ink Delivery and you’ll also receive instructions via email.

  • Is there a fee associated with Auto-Ink Delivery?

    No. It’s free to sign up for Auto-Ink Delivery Service. You will only be charged for your replacement ink and applicable delivery fees once orders are dispatched. You will not be charged for delivery if your order is £30 or more.

  • How much will I pay for my ink order?

    You will find the individual ink prices at on the ink product pages. When it's time for your replacement supply to be shipped, you will be charged the price of the specific ink as shown on the website at the time. You will also receive an email when your order is placed, clearly showing the price.

  • What is an automatic substitution and how can I change this setting?

    Automatic substitution is a setting that allows us to send you an alternative compatible ink if your chosen ink is not in stock at the time of your next order. Having this setting turned on, means you’ll never be without ink. To change your Automatic Substitution settings, sign in to your Canon ID account. Click on ‘Subscriptions’. A drop down will appear, click ‘Settings’. At the top of the page, you’ll see ‘Allow Substitutions’. When the green bar shows, this means you’ve turned it on. To turn it off, press the button and it will appear grey. This means that it is now turned off.

  • What is cartridge capacity preference and how can I change it?

    Some of our ink cartridges come in three different sizes: standard, XL and XXL. By default, we will always ship you the highest capacity ink cartridges as it offers the best value for money, but you can choose the size you which to receive. To change your preference, make sure you are logged in to your Canon ID account. Click on ‘Subscriptions’. A drop down will appear, click ‘Settings’. At the top of the page, you will see ‘Default Ink Size’, with a blue dot next to your selected cartridge size. If you would like to choose another size, simply click on the one you would like.

  • Why does my printer need to be connected to the internet?

    Your printer must be connected to the Internet for the printer to monitor your ink levels and communicate to us when your supply is running low.

  • How does the printer know I am running low on ink?

    All eligible printers have a default setting based on the remaining ink percentage. The level at which low ink is determined varies based on the specific model.

  • What happens if my ink is out of stock?

    If your chosen ink is out of stock, we’ll send you an alternative compatible item. Make sure you’ve turned on “Automatic Substitutions” so that we know to do this. If the compatible alternative is also out of stock, we will check its availability every day until 3 days before your next subscription order. If we don't have the items back in stock, we will cancel the remaining item order and will process your next subscription order.

  • How do I cancel my service?

    It’s easy. Simply log in to your Canon account and click on ‘Subscriptions’. Next, select your subscription then click on ‘Settings’. Scroll down the page then click on the Cancel Subscription button.

  • How can I amend my order to add more items to get free delivery?

    In order to qualify for free delivery, your order must be £30 or more. To amend your order, make sure you are signed in to your Canon ID account. When you arrive in ‘My Account’ click on ‘Subscriptions’ and click on ‘View/Edit Subscription’ next to the subscription plan you wish to amend. Click on ‘View/Edit Order’ on the right-hand side. You will land on a page called ‘Upcoming Delivery’. Here, click on ‘Edit Order’ to make changes to your subscription. Please note that you can only amend your order up to 48 hours before your order is due to be shipped. The exact time and date will be shown in your ‘Subscriptions’ tab.


    Sign up Now

    Never want to worry about running out of ink? Sign up to the Canon Auto-Ink Delivery service to receive ink whenever your printer starts running low.

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