The tiny camera printer that sets snaps free: express yourself with the Canon Zoemini S2

Fashion blogger Izzy Manuel uses the Canon Zoemini S2 to enhance her vintage style with instant prints.
Three Canon Zoemini S2s, in white, green and rose gold on a table surrounded by clothes and printed selfies.

When was the last time you scrolled back through the images on your smartphone? Chances are there were some surprises in there – encounters you'd forgotten that suddenly came flooding back. "I have something like 24,000 photos on my phone,” says sustainable fashion and lifestyle blogger Izzy Manuel who loves vintage clothing. "Half of them are selfies. But the other half are memories that I'd love to see more of – Christmas dinners or random nights out with my university friends. It's not just the big events but the small things that make life special, something we all realised during the Coronavirus pandemic," she adds.

Today, carrying smartphones and portable cameras wherever we go, we're taking more images than we ever have. Billions of photos are taken every year, but many of them sit on SD cards or phone galleries gathering digital dust.

A woman lying on a bed laughing and looking at her smartphone.

Vintage fashion blogger Izzy Manuel used the Canon Zoemini S2 and the Canon Zoemini to express her style, adding borders and filters to make personalised prints.

A woman sat on a blue cabinet, her Canon Zoemini S2 balanced on a pile of books in the foreground.

"You can connect the Canon Zoemini S2 to your smartphone, put it on a stack of books, for example, set a timer and then see what you're shooting through your phone," says Izzy.

Cast aside any phone vs camera debates – the two can work in tandem. You don't need a special device to use the Canon Zoemini S2 and Canon Mini Print app, and you can download images directly into the app through your smartphone. You can even download images from a digital camera such as the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III to your smartphone and print via the app this way. You can also access shots saved in Facebook, Instagram, Google Photo, Dropbox or iCloud before printing them out on the go.

By using Canon's portable printers, Izzy shows us you can get creative, breathe new life into old images and make new ones that you'll want to look at again and again as prints to keep and cherish.

1. Customise your prints

A woman on a smartphone adding icons and filters to an image in the Canon Mini Print app.

Using Bluetooth® you can link the Canon Mini Print app to your social media accounts to retrieve your shots and give them a makeover using the in-app filters, frames and stickers.

A woman looking at the different icons and stickers on the Canon Mini Print app.

As well as icons and emojis, you can add text to your Canon Zoemini S2 and Canon Zoemini prints.

Izzy is from a generation that's grown up with digital, but also appreciates print and the authentic look of analogue. Visually, that retro feel pairs with her love of vintage and sustainable fashion and the Canon Zoemini S2 is the perfect tool for achieving this combination of modern and vintage.

Available in a choice of colours, the Canon Zoemini S2 is small and intuitive to use, with three modes – outdoor, portrait and selfie – and produces shots that have a vivid, old-school style, with the option of adding a border. "It has a mirror at the front, with a ring light around the outside, which is great for selfies," says Izzy.

With the Canon Zoemini S2, you can also check a live view of your photo to ensure you have you and your besties in full focus before you print.

Frames, stickers, a variety of shapes and layouts – the Canon Mini Print app offers you lots of ways to personalise your images.

"I'm not very technically minded, but I found the app really easy to use,” says Izzy. "The filters give really nice effects and I loved adding heart and smiley face emoji stickers to selfies I'd shot with friends to reflect what's going on in the picture in a playful way. They're so cute – they remind me of the Japanese idea of kawaii."

2. Use prints for outfit planning

A woman in a brightly coloured jumper getting a jacket out of a wardrobe.

As a fashion blogger, Izzy has a whole wardrobe full of different colourful outfits that she uses for shoots, which she enjoyed photographing with the Canon Zoemini S2.

A woman taking a photo of herself in a mirror with the Canon Zoemini S2.

Making prints of different outfits was a great way for Izzy to create different clothing combinations and display her style.

In Izzy's work as a fashion blogger, Canon's portable printers have proved to be great tools for planning looks. "If I had a big shoot where I'd be wearing several different outfits, beforehand I could take shots of myself in all the outfits and print them out so I have a record of exactly what I'll be wearing,” she says. The Canon Zoemini S2 has a self-timer, which makes that process really easy to do and, with that elegant, slimline appearance, adds Izzy, it's a fashion accessory in itself. "The metallic effect and colours are so nice. If I was doing a shoot, I'd have it in my hand as a prop!”

Whatever your passion, the Canon Zoemini S2 camera printer brings it to life. "You could photograph your garden or your favourite nature spot throughout the year to show it changes with the seasons,” says Izzy.

3. Creatively display your shots

A woman displaying prints on a wire frame board.

As shareable as social media shots, you can give your Canon Zoemini S2 prints to your friends as friendship keepsakes to be treasured.

A person holding an image as it's printed out of a Canon Zoemini printer.

The white borders you can add on the Canon Zoemini S2 give snaps a nostalgic, analogue feel, in keeping with Izzy's vintage vibe. You can add borders in the Canon Mini Print app when using the Canon Zoemini, and you can also do this in-camera with the Canon Zoemini S2 using the back button.

"When I was at university I had a whole wall just covered in collaged photographs of my friends,” Izzy remembers. The Canon Zoemini printer and Canon Zoemini S2 make this super easy, transforming your digital shots into durable, sticky-backed 2x3" prints in minutes. Each photograph is printed with ZINK™ technology making it smudge-proof, tear-proof and water-resistant. You can also use the collage tool to create sticky posters made up of four or nine tiled images. With Canon's portable printers, you can be spontaneous, snapping and printing your images instantly.

This capability, added to their portability, makes them a great addition to parties or weddings, like having your own personal photo booth. "You could create a timeline of the event in real time or share a story of your year by taking two shots a month,” says Izzy. Once printed, you can arrange your images as artworks or stories in scrapbooks, on walls or anywhere else, from fridge doors to birthday cards.

A person putting the blue Canon Zoemini S2 into a handbag.

Around the same size as a smartphone, the Canon Zoemini S2 camera printer is easy to slip into your handbag or pocket and bring with you wherever you go, for maximum spontaneity.

A person taking a selfie with the Canon Zoemini S II using the mirror and ring light.

The mirror and the ring light on the front of the Canon Zoemini S2 make it ideal for taking picture-perfect selfies.

Being able to jot down text on images and print them on the move has other benefits, as Izzy explains. "It would also be handy for taking visual notes when I'm out and about. I'd use it in a similar way to Pinterest, but without having to be constantly looking at a screen. If I was walking past something that inspired me, I could take a photo, keep the print in my pocket and then refer to it when I'm out shopping for vintage clothes so I can recreate the same look in a more affordable, sustainable way.

"Never be shy about wanting to take photographs. If there's one thing we've learned over the past year and a half it's that you've got to grab every opportunity you can." Armed with an all-in-one camera and printer like the Canon Zoemini S2, or with a 'camera-printer' combo such as your smartphone or vlogging camera, and the Canon Zoemini printer, you can turn those everyday moments into magical lasting memories. The only limit to where your prints will take you is your own imagination.

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Written by Rachel Segal Hamilton

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