Snap it, style it, print it – get creative with the Canon Zoemini range

Free your creativity on the move with an instant camera and pocket printer.
A Canon Zoemini 2 and a packet of sticker printer sheets sit on a desk with a range of journaling materials.

Shareworthy snaps aren't just for likes. With the Canon Zoemini S2 instant camera and printer, you can capture perfect pictures or take effortless selfies using the built-in mirror and ring light. Style and print from wherever you are with the Canon Mini Print app1, then swap, share and show your creative flair.

With the Canon Zoemini 2 mini photo printer, you can edit photos taken on your smartphone using Bluetooth and the Canon Mini Print app, then bring those memories to life by wirelessly printing them out and sharing with friends.

Both instant printers use Canon ZINK papers, which feature zero ink for fuss-free, ultra-durable and smudgeless printing.

Three Canon Zoemini 2 printers in rose gold, pearl white and navy blue are laid out on colourful pieces of crumpled paper, each printing out a different image.

The Canon Zoemini 2 printer comes in three classy colours and features a USB-C connector for high-speed charging – you can even print from it while it's charging, meaning you'll never miss a chance to make memories on the move.

Your new BFF

Whichever printer you choose, keep your pocket-sized companion close. The slimline styling of both devices means you can slip them into your bag or pocket so you're ready for anything.

Take your pick from a trio of colours to match your pocket printer to your personal style – stay classy with a rose gold or pearl white or be on-trend with navy blue.

Once you have the perfect accessory, it's time to make the most of your new Canon Zoemini 2 or Canon Zoemini S2 – check out these ideas to fire up your inspiration.

Two friends are seen from behind as they hold up a Canon Zoemini S2, using the mirror to take a selfie.

The Canon Zoemini S2's built-in ring light is there to perfectly expose your selfies and gives a circular reflection in your eyes for a polished, influencer-worthy look.

1. Snap it

Snap the perfect shot every time with the Canon Zoemini S2's selfie mirror. Strike a pose, pull a face or bring your friend into the shot for a perfectly framed spur-of-the-moment photo. Need to touch up the lighting? The Canon Zoemini S2's built-in ring light will put that influencer twinkle in your eyes for a shareworthy selfie.

For a group photo of the whole squad, check out the Canon Mini Print app's remote shutter and self-timer functions with the Canon Zoemini S2. Get into position using Live View mode, capture the vibe and print out the results for all your friends to see.

No more paper? No worries. You can save all your shots to the Canon Zoemini S2's Micro SD card to view, print and share later on.

A pair of hands hold a phone showing the Canon Mini Print app, adding effects to a selfie picture.

Featuring a range of creative tools, from collage and framing options to brightness, contrast and saturation sliders, the Canon Mini Print app is there for you to customise your shots and print instantly via your smartphone.

2. Style it

Use the Canon Mini Print app with the Canon Zoemini 2 and Canon Zoemini S2 to give your snaps a little added attitude. Whether it's photos taken on the Canon Zoemini S2, selfies from your socials or dog pics from your smartphone's camera roll, glow up your images by adjusting brightness, contrast and saturation in the app.

You can also try out different frames and filters for a stylised printout, or add some fun AR, doodles or scribbles for a personalised photo that will bring a smile to your face. For a fun and creative project, put together a collage or mood board of you and your besties, or add some of your favourite moments to a string of fairy lights for a glitzy display.

A pair of hands are seen holding a circular sticker of a photograph above a travel journal filled with notes and photos.

The 2x3-inch and circular ZINK stickers are ideal for scrapbooking.

3. Keep it

Live and then relive your best life with instant prints using 2x3-inch and circle-shaped sticky-backed ZINK print papers. Water and tear resistant, smudge-free and high quality, these zero ink stickers are ideal for wirelessly printing your favourite smartphone and social images via the Canon Mini Print app and Canon Zoemini 2. They're also great for instant printed shots using the Canon Zoemini S2.

Decorate your phone case, stationery or other possessions on the fly, so you never leave your memories behind. Snap goofy pet pics and peel to adorn your BFF's kitty/dog carrier, print smartphone selfies and group shots to update your bedroom walls, give some glamour to your mirror or add personality to your possessions

Make your Canon Zoemini 2 instant printer your favourite travel buddy. Take snaps of your favourite places and sights and stick them alongside other mementoes for a colourful travel journal. Jot down your memories and notes too, so you have a mini time capsule to look back on and share with your friends.

Putting together a birthday party? Try setting up a memento board and get everyone snapping and printing. Set up a photobooth and printing station using either your smartphone and the Canon Zoemini 2 or the all-in-one Canon Zoemini S2. Each printed memento can be stuck up for everyone to admire and then taken home at the end of the day by the birthday boy or girl.

4. Share it

Got something to say? Try shooting and instantly printing a cute photo for a personalised note to say thank you or share the love. Simply take a portrait with your Canon Zoemini S2 or on your phone, then open up the image in the Canon Mini Print app. Write your message with a thoughtful note, doodle or scribble on the bottom, print out your image and share with whoever's day you want to make.

Everyone else can get involved too. Simply ask your friends to send you images from their phones, then open the Canon Mini Print app and get printing everyone's personalised stickers from your Canon Zoemini 2

A selection of clothes and accessories are laid out on a bed, along with Canon instant cameras and printers and a selection of small photographs.

Use the Canon Zoemini S2 when you're boxing up out-of-season clothes to make fun labels that show what's inside each container.

5. Label it

The water and smudge-resistant ZINK print papers used in the Canon Zoemini 2 and Canon Zoemini S2 are great for categorising your home using labels. Arrange those bookshelves and vinyl collections into alphabetical order or tidy your kitchen cupboards by putting everything into labelled jars. You can also sort out shoes and box up jewellery or out of season clothes. To help you remember what's inside each box, simply take a picture of the contents and stick to the outside. Sorted.

Transform plain labels into unique name tags for Christmas or birthday gifts. Gather your best snaps of your friends and attach them to presents for a stylish and memorable label. For special occasions, use quirky shots and shareable selfies to decorate and make your own cards, or stick on some customised shots to make personalised invitations.

You can even level up your academic organisation game using the Canon Zoemini 2. Use stickers to label textbooks for school or university, or to organise your revision notes so you can read up before a big exam.

A Canon Zoemini 2 sits on top of a scrapbook covered in small photographs, printing two circular stickers of selfies.

Record your favourite looks and styles with a quick selfie, so you'll always remember how well that hairdo went with that outfit.

6. Get the look

Improve your style credentials with a personal lookbook. Snap a selfie when you're looking on point and stick it onto your wardrobe so you always know what to wear. You can even plan your holiday and festival outfits this way too, so you'll know what to pack well in advance.

Experiment with your hair by trying out a chic updo, vintage-style full-bodied curl or an intricate braid and get an instant snapshot of the result, perfect for future style tips. You can also swap and share your snaps with friends for that all-important second opinion!

See something you like? Snap a shot of those cute shoes and create your own wish list, ready for you and your friends to check out whenever it's time to treat yourself, or for you to share with your loved ones if you fancy dropping a hint ahead of your birthday.

Written by Claire Price and Peter Wolinski

  1. Disclaimer: Requires mobile device to be connected to the Canon Zoemini 2 and Canon Zoemini S2 via Bluetooth® and the Canon Mini Print app, available for free on the App Store and at Google Play. Compatible with mobile devices running iOS 9.0 or later, and Android devices running Android 4.4 or later.

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