Canon Zoemini C and Canon Zoemini S on a table with a notebook with pictures stuck to it.

Snap it, style it, print it – get creative with the Canon Zoemini range

Free your creativity on the move with an instant camera and pocket printer

Shareworthy snaps aren't just for likes. With a Canon Zoemini, Canon Zoemini S or Canon Zoemini C, you can capture*, style and print wherever you are, ready to swap, share and show your creative flair.

Your new BFF

Keep your pocket-sized companion close – its slimline style means you can slip it into your bag or pocket so you're ready for anything.

Take your pick from a set of on-trend colours to match your pocket printer to your personal style – stay classy with a Rose Gold, White or Black Canon Zoemini or Canon Zoemini S, or go bold with a Bumble Bee Yellow, Mint Green, Seaside Blue or Bubble Gum Pink Canon Zoemini C.

3 different colours of Canon Zoemini S and Canon Zoemini C on a table.

Once you have the perfect accessory, it's time to make the most of your new Canon Zoemini lifestyle – check out these ideas to fire up your inspiration.

1. Snap it

2 young women - one taking a photo with Canon Zoemini S, one taking a selfie in a bathtub filled with colourful balls.

Snap the perfect shot every time with the Canon Zoemini S and Canon Zoemini C's selfie mirror. Strike a pose, pull a face or bring your friend into the shot for a perfectly framed spur-of-the-moment photo. Need to touch up the lighting? Pop on the Canon Zoemini S's ring-light for a shareworthy selfie.

For a fab group photo, check out the Canon Mini Print app's remote shutter function with the Canon Zoemini S. Get into position and print out the results for all your friends to see.

2. Give it attitude

A picture of 4 young people jumping in the air with speech bubbles and other AR text added.

Use the Canon Mini Print app** on the Canon Zoemini and Canon Zoemini S to give your snaps a little added attitude. Try out different frames and filters for a stylised printout, or add some fun AR, doodles or scribbles for a photo that will bring a smile to your face.

3. Keep it

2 girls sticking printed pictures on a board.

Perfectly pocket-sized, your Canon Zoemini S and Canon Zoemini C are always on hand to snap a special shot. Relive the moment with a sticky-backed mini 2x3" snap, ideal for popping into your purse or wallet, or sticking into your diary.

Make your instant camera printer your favourite travel buddy. Take snaps of your favourite places and sights and stick them alongside other mementoes for a colourful travel scrapbook. Jot down your memories and notes too so you have a mini time capsule to look back on and share with your friends.

Putting together a birthday party? Try setting up a memento board and get everyone snapping and printing. Each memento can be stuck up for everyone to admire and then taken home at the end of the day by the birthday boy or girl.

4. Style it up

Guitar case with a picture of 4 young people stuck to it.

Give your possessions that personal touch with some stickable instant snaps. Peel off the sticky backing of your best selfies and group shots to update your bedroom walls, give some glamour to your mirror or add personality to your laptop, bag and phone.

For a fun and creative project, put together a collage or mood board of you and your besties, or add some of your favourite moments to a string of fairy lights for a glitzy display.

5. Tag it

Young woman sitting and holding Canon Zoemini S and a girl holding Canon Zoemini C and a colourful doughnut.

Transform plain labels into unique name tags for Christmas or birthday gifts. Gather your best snaps of your friends and attach them to presents for a stylish and memorable label. For special occasions, use quirky shots and shareable selfies to decorate and make your own cards, or stick on some customised shots to make personalised invitations.

Your instant mini snaps can also help you to get organised. Sort those shoes and box up that jewellery or out of season clothes. To help you remember what's inside each box, simply take a picture of the contents and stick to the outside. Sorted!

6. Say it with a photo

Person holding a smartphone with a picture and another one printing pictures on Canon Zoemini.

Got something to say? Try shooting and instantly printing a cute photo for a personalised note to say thank you or share the love! Simply set the printout to 2x2” and take a portrait with your Canon Zoemini S or Canon Zoemini C. Leave your message with a thoughtful note, doodle or scribble on the bottom.

7. Get the look

A girl taking a selfie with Canon Zoemini C in her room.

Improve your style credentials with a personal lookbook. Snap a selfie when you’re looking on point and stick onto your wardrobe, so you always know what to wear. Experiment with your hair too – try out a chic updo, vintage-style full-bodied curl or an intricate braid and get an instant snapshot of the result, perfect for future style tips. You can also swap and share your snaps with friends for that all-important second opinion!

8. Want it

See something you like? Snap a shot of those cute shoes and create your own wishlist, ready for you and your friends to check out whenever it's time to treat yourself, or for you to share with your loved ones if you fancy dropping a hint ahead of your birthday!

*Canon Zoemini S and Canon Zoemini C have a built-in camera

**Disclaimer: Requires mobile device to be connected to the Canon Zoemini or Canon Zoemini S via Bluetooth® and the Canon Mini Print App, available for free on the App Store and at Google Play. Compatible with mobile devices running iOS 9.0 or later, and Android devices running Android 4.4 or later.

Written by Claire Price

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