Lasting memories: create mini prints worthy of your wedding album

Discover why the Canon Zoemini S2 and the Canon Zoemini printer are the perfect wedding day accessories – for both you and your guests.
A woman's hands sticking wedding mini prints into a scrapbook, with a white Canon Zoemini S2 next to her.

It's the little moments of joy at a wedding that make for the most memorable photographs. The laughter, the tears and the clinking of glasses as different generations all celebrate together – often with the youngest guests running around with faces covered in cake. Sometimes these smaller glimpses of the big day can be missed by professional photographers who are busy pulling out all the stops to create perfect shots. But what if your wedding guests could capture the unseen moments?

With the pocket-sized Canon Zoemini S2 2-in-1 photo printer camera, taking instant wedding snaps and selfies is a breeze. Here, we share some creative ideas on how you and your guests can use this and the Canon Zoemini instant printer to seek out and share those precious moments.

The perfect ice-breaker

A man and woman taking a selfie with a pink Canon Zoemini S2. The camera is in focus but the couple are blurred.

With a built-in mirror and ring-light, the Canon Zoemini S2 is ideal for taking selfies – especially wedding selfies, when guests typically look their best and are in the mood for some fun.

Whether it's taking place on a tropical beach, in a picturesque stately home or in the function room above your local bar or restaurant, weddings usually involve meeting new people. Though you might plan a few post-ceremony games to encourage your guests to become acquainted, taking photos together can be a natural – and inexpensive – way for guests to break the ice.

An instant camera on a dedicated reception table with a feature such as a champagne tower, a few fun props or a wedding guest book can create the perfect photo opportunities and conversation starters.

Ideal places to add a mini-printer

A black Canon Zoemini S on top of a guestbook at a wedding.

The Canon Zoemini S2 is the perfect wedding accessory. Guests can stage their own improvised photo-ops and see the results instantly with a gorgeous mini print and to make them even more special, guests could even sign their prints or leave a short message in the border.

Two Canon Zoemini printers on a table top with a plate of cake, and some drinks.

At just 160g, the Canon Zoemini printer is sleek and lightweight, making it an unobtrusive addition to wedding cake tables, games stations and more. It's also incredibly easy to use.

Placing the Canon Zoemini S2 photo printer and camera next to your cake or memory book can encourage your guests to take and print photos. Alternatively, if a guest already has the perfect shot saved on a smartphone from earlier in the day, the Canon Zoemini printer connects via Bluetooth and takes care of printing for you using the Canon Mini Print app. Guests can then stick their chosen image next to a handwritten message for you to remember adding another element to your guestbook.

When combining the Canon ZINK 1.3" Pre-Cut Circle Sticker Paper with the Canon Zoemini, it's possible to make instant sticky printouts from your phone using the Canon Mini Print app. Friends and family can just shoot, print, peel and stick their wedding snaps in a guestbook or album.

Do-it-yourself photo booth

A woman taking a selfie on a blue Canon Zoemini S2.

If you want to make a makeshift photobooth without the cost, you can use the Live View feature of the Canon Mini Print app combined with the Canon Zoemini S2 to set a timer, giving you time to compose the perfect shot.

Two young women look at a collection of colourful mini prints of themselves where text and doodles have been added.

Options on the Canon Mini Print app include doodles, text, frames and even AR effects.

Photo booths are a fun and informal way to encourage your grown-up wedding guests to let loose, tap into their silly side and bring out their inner child. They're great for kids too, especially when there's a dressing-up box filled with funny inflatables, paper cut-outs, outrageous wigs, giant sunglasses and silly hats.

The possibilities are enormous when it comes to creating photo booths – from snapping pictures against a floral backdrop to creating a giant photo frame cut-out for guests to pose behind. The Canon Zoemini S2 paired with the Canon Mini Print app allows for group shots with a handy self-timer and remote shutter, enabling your guests to create and print sentimental keepsakes that will make you laugh years down the line.

Gather the prints up after the wedding day and create a collage for framing that captures the spirit of your celebration. It'll be sure to make for a lively display in your home and a fun contrast to the more traditional wedding photos.

Never miss a moment

A selection of Canon Zoemini S2 printers in teal, white and rose gold.

The Canon Zoemini S2 offers around 25 photos per charge and there's also a Micro SD card slot, so it's easy to store snapshots to print later without missing out.

The reception is where a lot of the magic happens at weddings, as the celebrations go into the early hours, the guests become more relaxed and people you'd least expect might show off dance moves they've reserved solely for events like this. Often the official photographer and videographer have left by this point, so it's down to your friends and family to capture these spontaneous moments on camera.

Why not set up your selfie station near the dance floor where they can instantly snap, print and share their favourite images? The Canon Zoemini S2 photo printer is ideal for this and it comes in teal, white and rose gold to suit your theme.

If they've still got enough energy after dancing the night away, guests can even personalise their prints with effects and frames via the Canon Mini Print app. What's more, if you run out of paper, the camera will save images on the Micro SD card to print out later.

Ideal for every occasion

Canon Zoemini prints hung on a string of fairy lights in front of a window.

Canon ZINK TM photo paper is smudge-proof and water resistant, making it the perfect high-quality choice to use with your Canon Zoemini printer.

A Canon Zoemini S with a selection of prints and a badge, next to a photo album with Team Bride written on the front.

From weddings and birthdays to spontaneous days out with your friends, the Canon Zoemini S2 and the Canon Zoemini are great for every occasion.

There are unlimited perspectives when it comes to candid wedding photos, and by setting up your own wedding hashtag, you can browse all of your guests' images from your special day afterwards and print the ones you love. If you're feeling arty, choose your favourite smartphone images and use the 2x3 inch Canon ZINKTM photo paper with the Canon Zoemini printer to print a selection and even turn them into thank you notes. Totally smudge-proof, water and tear-resistant, you can stick your favourite prints on mirrors, phone cases or laptops, or in a paper album and journal too.

The Canon Zoemini and the Canon Zoemini S2 aren't just for weddings though, they're ideal for all life events such as birthdays, graduations, religious ceremonies and any time when capturing a moment and printing it out offers a memento that you can pin up or share with others – you can even print several copies of the same picture to share a group selfie with everybody in it.

Get creative with the Canon Mini Print app

A woman using the Canon Mini Print app on her smartphone. On the tabletop in front of her are a Canon Zoemini S2 and a scrapbook covered in wedding mini prints.

Wedding guests can style their photos on their smartphone with the Canon Mini Print app's filters.

Two circular photo stickers with selfies on them.

You can even create fun circle stickers to share with friends using Canon ZINK Pre-Cut Circle Sticker Paper.

Creative wedding guests might want to go the extra mile when it comes to creating an instant photo display and the Canon Mini Print app unlocks lots of features to take advantage of including fun text fonts, cool frames and even Augmented Reality (AR) effects.

There's also a smart collage feature where you can select three, four or nine of your favourite pictures and then the app will offer several creative ways of displaying them. Fully compatible with the Canon Zoemini and the Canon Zoemini S2 via Bluetooth, guests can then snap, edit and print 2x3 inch photos for a guest-made wedding display of everyone who made your day truly special.

Written by Lorna Dockerill

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