The role of cloud print in the evolving workplace

Showcasing how cloud print can help you meet the needs of your evolving workplace.

How cloud solutions can help you meet the needs of your evolving workplace – Canon UK

Accelerate your cloud print journey

Most organisations are undergoing an evolution towards a more digital and hybrid workplace. For many this includes the adoption of cloud-based solutions.

If you’re one of these organisations, join our webinar to find out how cloud-based printing solutions can help you accelerate your business transformation. We’ll showcase how cloud printing can help you meet the needs of your evolving workplace. Because with the shift to more agile, decentralised working environments, it’s essential to have connected tools to keep organisations running from anywhere.

"Save money, with a move to the cloud"

Chris Tickler, Chief Technology Evangelist, NT-ware


Explore the power of the cloud

In two webinars - one aimed specifically at the commercial sector and one tailored for the public sector - we explore the role and benefits of cloud solutions and cloud printing to organisations.
Man working from home on laptop and looking after child – Canon UK

Public sector

Find out about all the latest public sector market insights and trends from Tussell and the role that cloud plays in their digital transformation journey.

Commercial sector

Discover why ‘going serverless’ is your secret weapon, as we – together with TechUK – discuss how cloud print solutions can help you re-imagine the workplace.

Woman working at a desk in an office with dogs – Canon UK

Meet our speakers

  • Gus Tugendhat

    Gus is the founder of Tussell.

    Previously he was a Managing Director at Thomson Reuters and worked at investment bank Lazard.

    He has a track record of building subscripton-based data businesses.

  • Laura Foster

    Laura is TechUK's programme Manager for Technology, Innovation & cloud.

    She supports the application and expansion of emerging technologies across businesses including Geospatial Data, Quantum Computing, AR/VR/XR and Edge technologies.

    Before joining TechUK, Laura worked internationally in London, Singapore and across the United States as a conference researcher and producer covering enterprise adoption of emerging technologies.

  • Nikki Paine

    Nikki is a marketing leader with over 20 years’ experience in the technology sector. Working with customers, partners and industry experts, Nikki’s aim is to share insights and solutions that help business leaders and decisions makers achieve their goals through IT.

    Passionate about adding value in her role as Head of Customer, Channel & Campaigns Marketing for Canon UK & Ireland, Nikki is responsible for driving awareness of Canon’s B2B document solutions offerings.

  • Chris Tickler

    Chris has 25 years’ experience in Print Management and Enterprise Scanning software for both European and Worldwide markets. He has a unique insight into all areas of the software production cycle and uses real world experiences to excite and engage customers around the globe with the latest in printing technology.

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