Some Moments Deserve A Canon
Life is full of special life moments – big and small. Whatever yours are – and wherever they might be – make sure you are ready to capture them in all their glory, so you can relive your memories whenever you like, and share them with friends and family for years to come.


Don’t miss out…


You don’t always get a second chance to capture those special moments in life. You’ve probably experienced occasions when a proper camera would do more justice to the occasion than your camera phone – such as low-light, focusing quickly on fast-moving objects, and zooming in easily on distant objects.

For The Moments That Matter

The camera in your phone is handy for day to day use. But what about those special moments in life when quality really matters? Whether it’s a holiday, a party, a weekend away, a wedding, starting a family or  creating online content some moments deserve a Canon.

Time for a holiday

You’ve been looking forward to this moment for so long – it’s finally time to pack your bags and head for the sun!

International Traveller

Find your perfect Canon camera

We’re all unique, and so are the special moments that matter most to us. That’s why we offer three different types of camera in a range of shapes and sizes – DSLR, Mirrorless and Compact - all packed with the latest technology, so you get to choose the one that suits you best.

Some Moments Deserve A Canon

Do you love taking photos and videos? Do you like to capture important moments in your life? Does your smartphone sometimes let you down? Then maybe it’s time to get a Canon camera.
Canon Camera

Simple to use

Get great results out of the box. You’ll be amazed by the results you can achieve from the word go. Point and shoot – perfect!

Easy to learn

Getting the most out of your camera is intuitive and enjoyable with a Canon – get as creative as you like, at a pace you get to choose.

Canon Camera
Canon Camera

Print your memories

Capture stunning high-resolution images that are pin sharp and packed with vibrant colour. Perfect for photo albums.

State of the art 4K video

With 4K, you enjoy the creative freedom to zoom, pan and crop into your footage up to 200%, and still create full HD videos.

Canon Camera
Canon Camera

Smartphone connectivity

It’s simple and easy to connect a Canon camera to your smartphone. They all come with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as standard.

A lens for every occasion

Did you know that DSLR and Mirrorless cameras come with interchangeable lenses? There’s one for every possible occasion!

Canon Camera
Canon Camera

Never lets you down

With Canon cameras you have the option of using spare batteries and memory cards, so you’ll never miss the moments that matter most to you.

The perfect fit

Our cameras are ergonomically designed to fit snugly in your hand – that makes them easy to hold and difficult to drop!

Canon Camera

Capture your moments, share them instantly...

Canon cameras have clever in-built technology that allows them to connect easily and quickly to your smartphone. It’s simple to share your special photo and video moments instantly with friends and family. A Canon camera provides the perfect solution for live streaming high quality content to your social followers too!


Canon Camera

Connect with Android

From Google Play Store search & install 'Canon Camera Connect' app and easily connect your Android smartphone or tablet to a Canon camera.

Connect with Apple

For Apple smartphones or tablet, search & install 'Canon Camera Connect' from Apple App Store to easily connect your device to a Canon camera.

Canon Camera

Canon Camera

How to shoot like a pro

Nothing compares to the quality and creative freedom you get with a real camera. With a Canon camera, you’ll get amazing results straight out of the box.

A sneak peek behind the scenes

Watch our exclusive “behind the scenes” video to see how the “Some Moments Deserve a Canon” campaign was created. The week-long shoot took place in a London studio in June 2022 and involved 10 crew members, 12 models and countless cups of coffee!

What’s YOUR special moment?

It’s a big world, with so many adventures for us to experience, and we all have our own unique journey. No matter who you are, where in the world you live, or what you like to do, your special moments are unique to you.

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