A tailored solution for project-led industries, allowing you to capture, process, share and store your valuable documents in one single solution.
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Technical document management made easy

Working with the latest technical information is critical to any project, whether that be in construction, engineering, or manufacturing. The impact of not delivering the right information to the right people at the right time can be costly in terms of resources, money, and reputation.

Furthermore, with many businesses now choosing to work remotely, sharing, and collaborating on projects will present its own challenges.

Why choose D2D?

Remove unnecessary manual processes by automatically indexing documents, storing them digitally and sharing with ease, to ensure information is readable, useable, and available to everyone who needs it, when they need it. D2D will help your business to:

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"D2D provides a robust revision control system which eliminates the risk of working from the wrong revision."


Create, issue, and store with D2D

Through its four tailored modules, D2D provides a fully audited, end-to-end process support that enables users to capture, process, share and store valuable project documents.

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    Convert digital files, scanned images, or microfilm into searchable electronic documents.

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    Produce mark-ups, maintain accurate version control, and distribute information with ease.

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    Securely transfer heavy files to recipients both inside and outside your organisation.

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    Permission-based storage for digital documents that can be accessed at anytime from anywhere.

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    Project information, whether created internally or received from external partners, enters the business from various sources and formats. D2D-Capture simplifies the indexing process leaving less room for error. It converts information into useable formats and catalogues your documents in line with standard naming conventions, such as BS1192, via relevant metadata to enable the powerful search functionality and dependable revision control within D2D-Manager.


    Rapidly search for and retrieve documents for reviewing, mark-ups, issue for approval or distribute to a vast number of recipients. Collaborate effectively by accessing the information from anywhere, mark-up drawings and share with colleagues. Create efficient workflows and processes to maintain robust version control and ensure no information leaves the business without the correct approvals. D2D-Manager seamlessly integrates with your wide format printer, as well as electronic document sharing, so information can be issued in the desired format.

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    Quickly and easily transfer large files to multiple recipients in just a few clicks and allow contractors to transfer information back into your business with an audit trail. Create pre-determined recipient lists based on project or trade and set their file format preferences. When information needs to be shared quickly, select the recipients and they will receive the right information, promptly, and in the format they want.


    Securely store your documents with necessary permission controls and fully audited document trails. Permission controls can be set at project level all the way through to individual documents to prevent unauthorised access. Every action that is performed is logged, so you can keep track of who received what, when and if it was downloaded.

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