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Easy, productive, high quality

For high-demanding, complex Large Format scan and copy jobs, you need a scanner that produces impressive results every time. The Scanner Professional makes scanning easy with its large, intuitive user interface. Based on CCD technology, the Scanner Professional standard scans up to 44-inch wide, and can be upgraded to 48 inch to enable A0/E-size landscape scanning.


Intuitive scan workflow with detailed scan previews thanks to the 22-inch colour touch screen. The Scanner Professional is fully integrated with the latest PlotWave & ColorWave series.


Highly-secure Linux-based embedded controller offers sufficient power and storage to support productive scanning. With scan speeds of up to 17 m/min it is an ideal solution even for the most demanding scan jobs.

High quality

Superb image quality with up to 1200x1200 dpi resolution. Its high-end CCD technology produces impressive results every time.

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Scanner Professional

Scanner Professional

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Optimised for PlotWaves and ColorWaves

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