Scan2x™ is an intelligent document capture solution that makes scanning simple for everyone.


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Simplicity through intelligent scanning software

Focus on your business while Scan2x™ captures your documents. Advanced technology automatically applies the right settings, recognises key data and transfers it to the right place. Simple.

Key Benefits

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    Simplify scanning processes

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    Increase your efficiency

  • Approach

    Optimise business processes

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    Focus on core tasks

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    Always intuitive

    An icon-based interface makes operation easy, while automated processes instantly recognise documents, select the correct settings and extract the required information.

    Efficient workflow

    Sophisticated technology recognises your scanned documents instantly – for example, automatically forwarding a scanned invoice to your accounts department.

    Complete transparency

    Place security, compliance and accountability at the top of the agenda with user PINs, optional swipe cards or a fingerprint reader for a responsible and secure paper trail.

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    Total compliance

    Ensure compliance with ever-increasing regulation, including redaction of sensitive personal data to aid with GDPR adherence.

    Cloud-hosted or on-site

    Choose the set-up that best suits your business with on-premises installation or fully managed online subscription.

    Integrate with your environment

    Enjoy integration with Therefore™, Sharepoint™, OneDrive™, Google Drive™, FTP, cloud and web services and databases for unbeatable productivity.

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    Key Features

  • CAN ICON Improved Doc Design

    Automatic document recognition

  • CAN ICON Scissors

    Invoice line item extraction

  • CAN ICON Hand Pointer

    Optional touchscreen operation

  • CAN ICON Exit Fullscreen

    IRIS OCR and compression technologies

  • CAN ICON Scan_

    Passport/identity card scanning and verification

  • CAN ICON Cloud Computing

    On-site or cloud-hosted

  • CAN ICON iPhone

    Mobile App for 24/7 capture from anywhere

  • CAN ICON Filter


    Simply select the document type to be scanned

  • CAN ICON Document


    Documents are automatically scanned

  • Objective


    Document data is extracted automatically

  • Canon search icon


    Visual tools for exception handling

  • CAN ICON Compose

    Document Creation and Compression

    Relevant documents are created and optionally compressed

  • CAN ICON Fullscreen


    Documents are efficiently passed to the relevant department / system

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      Scan2x™ Online

      Enjoy all the benefits but without maintaining the system within your own IT infrastructure through a cloud-based solution.

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      Manage all your needs in-house with our tried and trusted scanning solution that streamlines your document processes.

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