Device Touchpoint Awareness

Canon has several ways we can help you protect your staff as they return to the workplace.


Minimising Device Touchpoints

At Canon, we understand that companies are mindful of their employee's wellbeing. Protecting them to prevent possible infection in the workplace will be top of the agenda.

In addition to cleaning guidance for our products, we can also offer solutions that help minimise the number of touchpoints with your Canon devices.

Read on to find out more about how we can support you and your teams as you transition to a new way of working.

Minimising Device Touchpoints

On the device

  • Antimicrobial Film: Thanks to innovations in virus-fighting technology, you can use your canon device with confidence. The high-quality antimicrobial film is designed to fit the device's most common touch-points and provides protection against harmful bacteria including coronavirus for the life of the device.

  • Proximity Card: Using a proximity card allow users to login to the device without having to enter a PIN. By presenting their personal card on the reader they are able to login without touching the device.

    If you are using PIN authentication contact us to discuss setting up this touch-free solution.

  • Login and print: Another way to reduce the number of touchpoints is to amend the settings on your device so there is no need for colleagues to select specific print jobs to release by touching the screen.

    Canon's output management solution allows you to simply set your device to release all print jobs from the user's personal queue as soon as they log in at the device, maintaining document security.

    You also have the option of combining print & release with proximity card authentication for a completely touch-free solution.

  • Motion Sensors: Many Canon devices are triggered by motion, automatically ‘waking up’ when someone walks in front of them, removing the need to physically touch the device to do so.

Canon Camera

Visual Messages

Display customised messages and images on the device display, such as cleaning guidelines for example.

App Based

  • uniFLOW & uniFLOW Online Print and Scan Apps: are both mobile print applications that bring enterprise-level print management functionality to users’ smartphones. Supporting touchless and remote working, these apps allow users the flexibility to print and scan from any location. Without having the need to be on the company network, all you need is an internet connection to release jobs from your personal secure print queue.

    Supporting all mobile operating systems iOS, Android and Windows you also have the option of using a tablet and mobile for scanning a QR code on the printer screen avoiding contact with the device.

  • Canon Print Business App: You are able to print, scan and send jobs with your mobile without having to touch the device. You can release print jobs stored in your secure output queue and also print from and scan to local or cloud storage.

    Available on both iOS and Android devices the app detects printers nearby or on a network, or you can manually search for them by specifying the IP address or scanning a device that has been labelled with a QR code.

  • CaptureOnTouch Mobile App: Supporting Android and Apple devices, users are able to scan documents using their personal smart device. The user loads their documents and then performs their scanning remotely. With the app users are able to scan double-sided documents in a single pass. Advanced image processing tools, such as auto document size detection, deskew and blank page deletion.

Canon Print Business App

Additional Workspace Solutions

  • Remote Operators Software Kit: Set up your device so that colleagues can operate the printer from their computer screen, phone or tablet so they are able to securely print, copy, scan, send and fax without touching the device.

    Service and IT personnel can support users remotely, as well as checking and adjusting settings.

  • Personal Home Screen & Stylus: Set up personal or company-wide shortcuts that reduce the number of touches required to activate frequent tasks, such as scanning to an email. Users can also drag-and-drop icons to keep favourites on their home screen.

    The timeline feature remembers recent job history so that users can recall previous settings with one touch.

    TIP: Why not use a soft tip stylus to set up your Personal Home Screen and operate the device touch-free.

  • Instant Stapler: A portable item that can be used to re-staple documents that have been separated prior to copying, scanning or sending a job. This is all achieved offline with options to staple corners, sides and double stapling. The instant stapler can be placed in any environment.

  • Instant Staple Remover: Enables users to efficiently remove staples with simple one-touch operation and help streamline document workflows. Can be used with footswitch.

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