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Canon Factory Service Centre

Why use Canon Factory Service Centres?

Canon Factory Service Centres (FSC) are service facilities owned by Canon. As the manufacturer of Canon products, we believe our customers deserve the best customer service and support.

Each Canon FSC has highly trained technicians, the latest tools and equipment and is a state of the art facility, all set up to provide a wide range of services across the Canon product range.


Depending on whether you are a Business or Consumer you can arrange a repair for your product as follows:

If you are a business:
  • To be able to submit a service or repair request to Canon you must have an active Business Account.
  • You can register for a Business Account or alternatively log in if you already have a Business Account.
  • Once you have logged into your Business Account you will be able to initiate your service or repair request.

If you are a Consumer:

In the event that your Canon Commercial Warranty period has expired or the nature of the fault is not covered by it, we offer a range of Chargeable Repair options (either Fixed Price Repair, Repair Limit or Time & Cost Quotation) depending on your product(s).

  • Fixed Price Repair: You will be provided with a fixed price, prior to sending your Product(s) to a Canon Factory Service Centre. This fixed price will include the cost of all required spare parts, labour and return shipping.
  • Repair Limit: You can set a Repair Limit (i.e. maximum repair fee), prior to sending your Product(s) to a Canon Factory Service Centre, however a minimum value applies. This acts as your authorisation for us to proceed with the repair and no quotation will be provided. If the repair can be completed for a fee lower than the specified Repair Limit, you will only be charged the lower amount. The provision of a Repair Limit may result in a faster repair turnaround time for you and your repair will also not be subject to a rejection fee (applicable if you request a Time & Cost Quotation)
  • Time & Cost Quotation: You can request a Time & Cost Quotation, where following arrival at a Canon Factory Service Centre a technical diagnosis will be performed. We will then provide you with a quotation detailing the anticipated costs to repair your Product(s), which you will have the opportunity to either accept or decline, prior to any repair work commencing. Should you decline our quotation, a rejection fee may be applied to cover the cost of inspection.

All of our Chargeable Repair options are subject to our Terms of Service & Repair.

Services we offer

Contact Details

Canon Giessen GmbH
Factory Service Center
Canonstraße 1
35394 Gießen

Tel: +353 16 990 990

Repair related issues only - for any other questions please visit our Support website for helpful information.

Canon Professional Services
Canon Professional Services

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 08:00 - 12:00 and 13:00 - 15:30

Terms of Service & Repair

Before sending your product to a Canon Factory Service Centre, please read our Terms of Service & Repair.

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