Portraiture Week
8-14 November 2021

Portraiture Week
8-14 November 2021

Welcome to Canon Portraiture Week.

Whether you enjoy taking candid portrait photos, carefully constructing the perfect shot, or getting creative with your subject, Canon Portraiture Week offers a series of inspiring events and must-read articles to take your portraiture skills to the next level.

Online Events

Check out and stream our live online events:

  • Ffordes

    Monday 8th November

    19:30 PM


    David Newton

    Portrait perspective

  • Park

    Tuesday 9th November ​

    19:30 PM

    Park Cameras ​

    Wanda Martin

    Talking Fashion and Portraits

  • Campkins

    Wednesday 10th November ​

    19:30 PM


    Eliska Sky​

    Fashion Portraits

  • WEX

    Friday 12th November ​

    19:30 PM

    Wex ​

    Claire Luxton

    Creative & Surrealist Portraits

  • Carmarthen

    Saturday 13th November ​

    09:00 AM – 3:30 PM

    Carmarthen Cameras​

    Tommy Reynolds

    Short Live Sessions From 9:00 AM Onwards

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    Portrait photos are easy to take but tough to master. We’ve come up with some helpful basic tips to turn your good shots into great ones.

  • A side-profile portrait of a topless man in a dimly lit room looking towards the camera.

    Five tips for stunning portrait photos

    Capturing great portrait photos, especially on the street, can be challenging. We hope these five tips will help you shoot better photos of people – whether they be friends, family or characters you meet on the street.

  • Perfecting the art of the portrait by Christian Anderl

    Christian Anderl, a keen musician and talented chef, is also an international photographer who specialises in commercial portrait photography. Here we share his views on photography and how he works with his subjects to create interesting portraits.

  • Quick portrait checklist

    Five things you need to think about before shooting portraits.

  • Portraits in challenging light conditions

    Portraits at night can be tough. Read on how to improve your portrait skills.

  • A smiling florist in a pale green dress surrounded by colourful flowers.

    How to capture standout street portraits

    From selecting a subject to ensuring the best lighting, pro Julian Love shares his top tips for street portraiture.