Simplify your life with the PIXMA Print Plan

Choose a suitable print plan that suits your needs and pay a monthly price based on your print usage and get ink delivered to your home whenever you start running low.
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Why you need an ink subscription

Life can be hectic. Whether you're a student, part of a busy family or running a small business, there's always lots to do and keeping tabs on everything can feel like a strain. That's certainly true when it comes to printing. With so many of us now studying or working from home, keeping an eye on ink cartridge levels, gauging when you're going to need replacements and buying new cartridges in-store or online can take time, effort and planning to ensure you're not left short of ink just when you need it.

Signing up to a Canon ink subscription service such as the PIXMA Print Plan can help take that worry away. If you've got a compatible Canon PIXMA printer, then it's the ideal solution – simple, easy to tweak at any time, and you'll never run out of ink, even if you print a lot of photos and picture-heavy documents. You'll only pay for what you need, saving you time and money.

How to sign up to the Canon PIXMA Print Plan


Here, Canon Europe Product Marketing Lead Suhaib Hussain explains how it all works. "The PIXMA Print Plan is all about ease of use," says Suhaib. "It tackles the whole issue of ink, so you don't need to worry about when you're going to need cartridges, which cartridges you actually need, where you're going to get them from and how much they'll cost. Everything is automatic – you'll simply get replacement cartridges delivered to your door, however often you need them."

"You can't always plan when you're going to need ink," continues Suhaib. "This subscription service will ensure you don't run out when you've got something important to print, whether it's a mortgage application or the children's homework. It takes all of the hassle out of buying ink."

How it works

Take a closer look at how the Canon PIXMA Print Plan works to see how you’ll pay a monthly price based on the page plan you choose, receive free ink deliveries before your printer starts running low, and how you can save up to 50% on cost per page1.
  • Sign up to a plan with free enrolment and cancellation
  • Manage your subscription online using My Account
  • Your printer orders ink automatically when you get low
  • Receive your printer and activate the service to get started

Page-based planning

A family sits at a table colouring and making crafts, with a colourful spot-the-difference page emerging from a Canon printer, alongside PIXMA Printer Plan delivery boxes.

The PIXMA Print Plan frees you from any worries you might have about the amount of ink you're using. Instead, you can just print whatever you want, however you want it, without compromising on creativity or quality.

A key factor of the PIXMA Print Plan is that the various subscription options aren't dependent on how much ink you use. Instead, they're based on how many pages you expect to print on a monthly basis. This avoids any concerns about the cost of ink so, if you want to print a lot of photos or images that require large quantities of ink per page, it's not an issue. That means kids can be as creative as they want with their homework projects and crafts – you don't have to worry about printing draft copies in black and white, or at a lower quality, as it's the number of pages you print that you're paying for, not the amount of ink used.

"It changes the mindset about printing," explains Suhaib. "You can just print whatever you want without thinking about how much ink you're using."

So how does it work? With a compatible PIXMA printer connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, the smart service remotely keeps a check on ink levels while you're printing. When cartridges start to run low, replacements are automatically sent out to you, with no delivery charge, arriving before you run out of ink. There's no limit on the number of cartridges – you'll just receive them whenever you need them, without lifting a finger.

Which subscription is best for you?

A person works on a laptop in a home office, with colourful printouts and a Canon PIXMA Print Plan delivery box on the desk beside them.

The initial range of printers covered by the PIXMA Print Plan is ideal for the home and home office environment, and Canon is also looking to extend compatibility to more models. Look out for printers with the label 'Compatible with PIXMA Print Plan'.

Nobody likes spending more than they need to – and if you're a budding home chef printing out a handful of new recipes a month, you're likely to need a lighter subscription plan than someone running a small business from home, printing multiple documents a day. Whichever end of the scale you are at, a PIXMA Print Plan can save you up to 50% on ink costs compared with conventional cartridge use1, while giving you the peace of mind that you're using genuine Canon inks to maximise print quality and the reliability of your printer.

There are four different PIXMA Print Plans to choose from, each catering to varying levels of home printing. The Light Home Printing plan covers 30 pages per month, whereas Moderate Home Printing includes 60 pages per month. For those who print more often, the Frequent Home Printing plan covers 100 pages per month, while the Home Office Printing plan features 200 pages a month.

Flexible arrangements

A pair of hands holds a printout with graphics on, with a second page emerging from a Canon printer.

Printing pictures, graphics and photos can use a lot of ink. By paying per page rather than by the amount of ink you use, you don't have to compromise your designs or printing choices in an attempt to save money. You could also take out a subscription for someone else, such as a child studying at university.

As well as being busy, life can also change at a moment's notice – whether it's getting a new job, starting a university course or preparing for a DIY wedding. There are a number of ways Canon printing subscriptions can be adapted to changing requirements, so you continue to get the best service and value for money, even as your printing needs change.  

"It's a very flexible arrangement," explains Suhaib. "Any unused pages from one month are automatically rolled over to the next month. And if you feel the need for more or fewer pages per month, you can change your plan whenever you like. It's quick and easy to sign up for a subscription online and once you're set up, you can manage and change your plan through your Canon online account. If you increase your plan, it takes effect immediately and if you decrease it, the change comes into effect at the end of the current monthly billing period. You can also cancel your plan altogether at any time."

Full details of your account are available online, so you can keep track of how many pages you've printed in any given month, and how many you've got remaining in your subscription plan. And there are no big fees to worry about if you go over your limit. Instead, any additional pages are charged individually at a nominal fee per page, with no hidden surprises.

"Everything's very transparent," says Suhaib. "You'll get notifications and emails to keep you up to date with all the aspects of the plan and to acknowledge any changes you make, as well as letting you know when your new cartridges are on their way."

Compatible PIXMA printers

A top-down image of feet standing on a doormat behind a Canon PIXMA Print Plan delivery box.

With automatic monitoring over the internet, all of the PIXMA Print Plan subscriptions ensure that you have replacement cartridges delivered to your door, free of charge, so they're ready and waiting when you need them.

The PIXMA Print Plan is initially available to anyone who owns one of four PIXMA printers – the Canon PIXMA TS7450i Series, the PIXMA TS5350i Series, the PIXMA TS3550i Series and the PIXMA TR4750i Series. They're affordable too, so there's no big up-front cost, and each is designed to meet the needs of varying home printing requirements.

The PIXMA TS7450i Series is perfect for the home office. It's a 3-in-1 multi-function printer that features scanning and copying, via an intuitive interface based around a 3.7cm OLED display screen. It also includes a 35-page auto document feeder for multi-page scanning and copying, while its auto duplex facility can save money on paper with double-sided printing. The PIXMA TS5350i Series offers the same fast print speeds of 13 ipm (impressions per minute) for mono and 6.8 ipm for colour, and runs on the same cartridges, but in a sleeker design that omits an auto document feeder – so it's ideal for tucking away in a smaller space. Both printers can deliver full-sized A4 borderless photo prints.

The PIXMA TS3550i Series is easy to set up and perfect for those who want a printer that is simple to use, yet still comes with smart features – such as printing from your smartphone. It has a built-in scanner and a 3.8cm LCD screen for easy adjustment of print settings and for scanning and standalone copying. Borderless photo prints are available in sizes of up to 13x18cm, including 10x15cm and 13x13cm. Document print speeds are 7.7 ipm for mono and 4 ipm for colour. The PIXMA TR4750i Series features the same ink cartridges as the PIXMA TS3550i Series but has faster 8.8/4.4 ipm print speeds, adds a 20-page auto document feeder, standalone fax facility and full A4 borderless photo printing.

All of these PIXMA printers come complete with setup cartridges, so you won't have to wait around – you can start printing right away. You can then sign up to a subscription plan if and when you want to. The options are always open, putting you in full control and ensuring that you're not tied into anything that isn't working for you.

"If and when you sign up to one of the subscription plans, you'll be sent a set of cartridges right away," explains Suhaib. "They have a different chipset to regular cartridges you'd buy off the shelf, linking them to your subscription plan and automatically monitoring your ink levels. The cartridges that you're sent can therefore only be used with the printer you've set up on your subscription plan. However, if you cancel your subscription at any time, you can simply go back to using regular cartridges."

Hands opening a Canon PIXMA Print Plan delivery box alongside a laptop, printouts and stationery.

The subscription plans can be a real money-saver for the busy home office, and for families who combine work and general documents with children's homework assignments, creative crafts and other projects.

Rewriting the rules

With its flexible subscriptions and page-based approach, the PIXMA Print Plan ultimately rewrites the rule book on printing. It means you can go ahead and print those funny family photos or more sleek-looking meeting handouts without worrying about the expense of replacement cartridges, or whether you're likely to run out at an inconvenient time.

This subscription-based service makes it just as affordable to print full-sized photos and pictures as it does to print a few lines of text on a page, while guaranteeing that you'll receive replacement cartridges ahead of time, when you need them – giving you the freedom to print whatever you want, whenever you want.

Written by Matthew Richards

  1. *Based on average cost per page savings vs. original standard inks sold for the top 20 Inkjet All-in-Ones in Western Europe, (Key Point Intelligence study – Jan 2022). Cost per page (CPP) of monthly subscription to Canon PIXMA Print Plan (200-page plan), without additional pages, compared to cost per page to print ISO/IEC 24711 pages on the top 20 Inkjet All-in-one colour cartridge printers, priced under 200 Euros in Western Europe, using standard-capacity cartridges. Average CPP used to determine percentage saving versus CPP for Canon PIXMA Print Plan (200 page plan). Ink yield and prices based on manufacturer website information in Germany. Sale prices of ink not considered for this study. Keypoint Intelligence January 2022 study commissioned by Canon, based on publicly available info as of Jan-2022. Printers selected by unit sales in IDC Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker – Final Historical 2021Q4, Western Europe.

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