More Speed

Capturing split-second moments

Life moves pretty fast, so you’ll need a camera with plenty of speed to capture those unrepeatable moments.
Two flamenco dancers in traditional dress pose in a courtyard with their arms raised.

That’s why we built the EOS R10 to shoot up to 15 fps with its mechanical shutter and up to 23 fps1 with its silent electronic shutter2 – both with simultaneous AF tracking and auto exposure. This makes the EOS R10 a great choice for action, whether you’re at an airshow, a regatta or the theatre.

Switch to RAW Burst mode and you’ll be able to capture at up to 30fps, with a 75% crop3. The results are stored as a single movie file to help keep things organised and single frames can be extracted and saved as RAW, JPEG or HEIF files. When Pre-shooting is enabled the camera also records 0.5sec before shooting begins, so you’re always assured of getting the decisive moment.

Canon EOS R10 - Raw Burst Shooting

Quick to respond

At the heart of the EOS R10 is a DIGIC X processor that powers its lively performance. The camera starts up in a fraction of a second – ready to go as soon as you see a moment about to unfold. Controls react quickly and are easy to find while your eye is at the viewfinder. And talking of the viewfinder, it shows the world with minimal lag and with negligible blackout during a continuous burst.

Canon EOS R10 - Digic X Processor

Digic X Processor

  1. Continous shooting speed may vary depending on various conditions, see specifications for details.
  2. Sounds other than the shutter (aperture, focus lens drive sound, and electronic sound, etc.) may be generated.
  3. UHS-II cards are recommended and the below applies
    * Use an SD Speed class 10 or faster card when shooting in RAW burst mode.
    * If you use a card of slow writing speed and the remaining battery level is low, captured images may not be recorded properly.
    * The number of possible shots vary depending on the image.
    * Bands of light may be displayed and captured images may be affected by light and dark banding when shooting in RAW burst mode during flash firing by other cameras, or when shooting under fluorescent lighting or other flickering light sources.

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