Books and Manuals on Demand

Transforming the way books and manuals are produced through automation, digitisation and agility.
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Books and Manuals on Demand


Automate processes, accelerate your digital transformation

The book and manuals life cycle is shortening. Organisations need to make updates and deliver to market quickly. Canon’s Books and Manuals on Demand application enables digital transformation and short-run printing, while connecting multiple data silos, production, and distribution workflows.

The benefits of Books and Manuals on Demand

Embrace the shift to ‘just-in-time production’ by producing short-run and one-off books and manuals only when you need them.

Books and Manuals on Demand selects the relevant documents and content from the original data source or repository based on the order information, converts the data including content files into one file, then applies the media and finishing requirements for production.

The application monitors all steps to identify and resolve issues, improving accuracy and turnaround times.

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    Reduce Costs

    Removes the need for storage, minimises wastage improving environmental sustainability.

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    Streamline Production Processes

    Join up data silos through automated data workflows.

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    Reduce Admin

    Produce the shipping documentation at the production stage – no need to print separately.

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    Improve Customer Experience

    Supply books and manuals in customers’ preferred media.

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    Faster Time to Market

    Update content and get to market quickly.

  • Case Study

    NHA prints educational material on demand, cutting costs and boosting flexibility

    NHA (National Trade Academy) – one of the top ten training institutes in the Netherlands – adopted Books and Manuals on Demand as part of its digital transformation. By switching from manual processes when producing course material, NHA has cut the risk of inventory problems, reduced storage requirements and has improved its agility and speed to market.

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