How to demonstrate the value of print in communications and measure its effectiveness.


Make It Count

A key learning from Canon’s recently published Insight Report exploring the opportunities and challenges facing print providers today, is the need to demonstrate the value of print to existing and potential customers.

Make It Count is about demonstrating the value or return on investment (ROI) from print in clear, commercial and tangible terms linked to business goals. Explore further on this web page by watching videos which dispel common misconceptions of print and by downloading informative guides based on the real-world experience of our team and independent thought leaders from across the print industry and beyond.

Our aim is to be able help you create value for your customers by:

  • • Building confidence around measuring print’s contribution
  • • Providing practical tools to make print measurable


Digital print enables highly targeted and personalised communications to be created and sent quickly. These typically generate a higher open rate and greater response from recipients than a digital e-shot alone. If you thought print was slow then we encourage you to think again !!


In the latest Insight Report from Canon, print is not perceived to be measurable. This guide considers print from a marketer’s perspective and provides insights and information to help address this perception and support growth in your print business.
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During the Make It Festival held earlier this year external business experts and technology specialists came together to help our customers plan positively for a successful future. This Blueprint distills insights and advice shared on topics such as creating customer value and marketing for growth. It can serve as a source of inspiration and innovation for you.
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