Transform the flow of your critical data

Discover how your business can increase productivity, sustainability, and improve process efficiency by utilising intelligent data capture and extraction.
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AI-based document classification

IRISXtract™ is an innovative AI-based classification engine which allows you to scan or import large batches of mixed documents without the need for any manual intervention.

Capture, extract and process critical data

Businesses receive a wealth of hard and soft copy documents every day. Handling this critical information is time consuming, costly and may involve unnecessary security risks. Our recent webinar outlines some of the ways in which IRISXtract™ can optimise the way your business processes documents.

IRISXtract™ is highly adaptable and scalable, seamlessly integrating with your business applications, exporting data and images in any format to any location.

Canon Ireland webinar

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Document Scanning & Capture Software

  • IRISXtractTM

    Automatically classify and extract data from your business documents

  • IRISPowerscanTM

    Boost efficiency from document capture through to busines data integration

  • uniFLOW Capture

    Intuitively capture documents and distribute data into the right workflows