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Helping artist with new creative opportunities

The introduction of digital large format graphics printing transformed Sophia Rein's working style and paved the way for new opportunities.
Sophia Rein's sitting amongst her large format graphics print outs - Canon UK

Everything you can imagine is real

Pablo Picasso once said, “everything you can imagine is real”. The collaboration between Luxembourgish printing company Tac O Tac and artist Sophia Rein is a perfect example. Sophia Rein was unfamiliar with digital printing before she encountered Tac O Tac. The encounter transformed her way of working and opened doors to new opportunities.

Since working with Tac O Tac, her creation process has changed considerably. She reworks the photos she takes digitally, before printing them on various media, then retouches them with her brushes. This way of working gives her a great deal of flexibility.

Since then, Sophia Rein has started to create personalised wall coverings and works of art by taking photos, printing them out and retouching them with paint. The prints are made on an Arizona on a range of materials such as dibond and plexiglass.

"I felt like I was actually diving into reality. My brushes were like a magic wand, enabling me to recolour the world for the client."

Sophia Rein, artist-painter-photographer

Making imagination a reality

Making Sophia Rein's imagination a reality was made possible by the expertise and professionalism of Tac O Tac. The company was founded in 2002 and offers its customers a turnkey service. Everything is carried out in their Steinfort premises using their Arizona 1260XT and Colorado 1650, including advice for installation.

Interior decoration, even more so the personalisation of interior spaces, is a growing market. Tac O Tac saw this as an opportunity and decided to focus a large part of their services on interior décor.

"I realised the Colorado had enormous potential. Speed, ink durability and ease of use for example."

Pascal Devillé, Tac O Tac’s founder

Picture of man speaking - Canon UK

Tac O Tac invested in their first Arizona, then a second, then a third. This is proof of their satisfaction with the Arizona flatbed series and their trust in Canon. In a second phase, they invested in a Colorado 1650. The founder praises the qualities of the printer such as speed, ink durability and ease of use. The Colorado opened up new opportunities for customisation of projects and further exploration of the large format graphics and interior décor market.

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