Flexible, informal … and serious about print quality

High-quality wallpaper printing on the Colorado 1650

We need printers that allow us to create different combinations of materials to develop new concepts. The Colorado 1650 allows us to pursue many exciting opportunities.

Jeffrey Vermaat, owner, De Resolutie

Supporting quality

The motto of De Resolutie is: ‘Flexible, informal but always serious.’ Customer advice and concept design are crucial amongst their many services, and they continually invest in state-of-the-art knowledge and technologies to offer innovative products.

‘We have an informal way of working that helps us connect with what our customers want and to focus on providing excellent service,’ says Jeffrey Vermaat. ‘But we are deadly serious about our service and our products. If something is possible, we’ll do it. If not, we’ll find a way. Even with tight deadlines, and while keeping our customer’s budget in mind. To do that, we need the latest high-quality digital printing presses that can deal with the wide variety of media our customers require.

The Colorado 1650 perfectly fits that strategy: its innovative UVgel technology, which does not require heat for printing, allows us to print on an even wider range of media and the matte/ glossy technology opens up exciting possibilities in interior design.’

Inside De Resolutie facilities, printed on a Canon Colorado 1650

Making buildings come to life

Interior design is one of the mainstays of De Resolutie. They are an important European player. Their interior design concepts can change an office or shop from a bland building into a lively, colourful bespoke environment. Jeffrey Vermaat: ‘The new Colorado 1650 is an industrial printer that allows us to follow and create new developments in this market. The print quality is excellent – very stable with a quality control system that checks every pass. In our current production mode, it prints wallpaper and other large-format decorative materials without even a hint of banding.’

Inside De Resolutie facilities, printed on a Canon Colorado 1650

High production values

The Colorado 1650 has an ink hardness and scratch resistance that allows products to be processed immediately, even without further finishing. It also offers a large colour gamut. Still, one of the reasons De Resolutie is so pleased with their 1650 has nothing to do with its admittedly excellent print quality. ‘A big advantage is that the automatic maintenance really works,’ says Jeffrey Vermaat. ‘The Colorado just prints right after starting it up, without any need to clean the printheads. It is simply really user friendly.’

The design called for lots of deep black and glossy print, something that is traditionally difficult, but the 1650 passed with flying colours.

Karel de Munck, owner, De Resolutie

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