Colorado 1650

Colorado 1650

The flexible choice.

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up to 159 m2/hour

in gloss mode

up to 1800 dpi

print resolution

2 rolls

automatic feeding and switching

1625 mm

maximum roll width

Next-gen UVgel printer with flexible inks and matte/gloss

Explore new business horizons with an astounding application range. The unique FLXfinish+ technology offers a choice between a gloss or matte finish, and now even both on one print. Without the need to change inks, media or having an extra varnish channel. Produce designer wallpaper, stunning decals or luxurious front- and backlits that make people stop and take notice, while meeting tight deadlines and producing at low cost.

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One Click. Two Finishes. One Print.

Delight your customers with glossy banners that stand out from the crowd or wallpaper with the right deep-matte finish and brilliant colours, all printed on one device. No need to change inks or media! Now, with FLXfinish+, simply and reliably produce prints that combine a matte and a gloss finish without an extra varnish channel.

Unrivalled versatility

Produce durable quality prints on a variety of media, including SAVs, polyester textiles, heat-sensitive materials and plain paper. The flexible and more stretchable formulation of the UVgel inks provide perfect image stability even when prints are folded, bent and stretched.

Breakthrough productivity

Shorten lead-times with consistently fast output speeds and rapid job turnaround. Two media rolls with online switching, and ink refill-while-printing empower non-stop printing for unmatched productivity.

UVgel printer

The market wants us to be faster, cheaper and better. And we always bumped into limits, until we discovered the Colorado.

Michael Hiemann – Siepro (DE)

Unsurpassed automation

No need to babysit: rely on incessant nozzle monitoring, convenient automatic printhead maintenance, automated media feed and the roll winding module.

Lower operational cost

Improve the bottom line with reduced ink usage, low service cost and cost efficient media. Free up valuable operator time thanks to the unsurpassed automation.

Unsurpassed automation and Lower operational cost

Key Specifications

Maximum speed up 159 m2/hour in gloss mode

Maximum speed up to 159 m2/hour in gloss mode

 FLXfinish UV LED curing with gloss modulation

FLXfinish+ UV LED curing with gloss modulation

2 rolls with automatic feeding and switching, width up to 1625 mm

2 rolls with automatic feeding and switching, width up to 1625 mm

Print resolution 600x1800 dpi

Print resolution up to 1800 dpi

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Key Specifications

Colorado proCARE after-sales service programme

You’ve chosen the best there is in Large Format Graphics printing. Colorado proCARE will ensure you stay in pole position.

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Colorado ProCare after-sales service programme


FLXfinish+ offers a choice between a gloss and a matte finish without the need to change inks or the media. Now it is even possible to simply and reliably produce prints that combine a matte and a gloss finish without an extra varnish channel. The flexible UVgel inks support a broad media range, including self-adhesive vinyls and polyester textiles. The increased stretch ability ensures you can plie, bend or fold the prints without problems.

Wall decoration with the perfect finish

Wall decoration with the perfect finish

The highest quality wall covering has a deep matte finish and perfect dimensional stability. With FLXfinish+ you can achieve a velvety matte look for luxurious finish. Or combine matte and gloss in one print for a spectacular effect.

Eye-catching front- and backlits

Eye-catching front- and backlits

Stop passers-by in their tracks with vibrant front- or backlit displays. The UVgel technology offers rich colours, an elegant matte look and great blocking power: black is truly black.

Gallery-quality canvasses

Gallery-quality canvasses

Producing gallery-quality canvas prints can be difficult because of the folding, stretching and stapling of the material. With the flexibility of the Colorado 1650’s UVgel inks, you can create the perfect creases.

Economical disposable posters

Stunning poster quality

Increase your margins with premium posters printed on plain paper. With UVgel inks and FLXfinish+, the final quality is stunning.

Jaw-dropping durable POP posters

Eye-catching point of sales

Catch your audience’s eye with high quality advertising, produced on low-cost media and safe for indoor use thanks to no odour and no chemical emissions.

No-wear decals

Decals that stay like new

Produce scratch-, water- and even graffiti-resistant decals up to 1.6 meter wide that stand up to serious abuse without lamination. Perfect for floor graphics, wall decals and vehicle graphics that are carwash proof.

Soft signage

Gorgeous soft signage

Soft signage is a premium product that requires the perfect look without special treatment. With the Colorado 1650 UVgel inks, your products stand out with rich, uniform colours, dense blacks. Prints can be stretched and folded without any problem.

Durable banners

Pop-up banners

Flexible film and roll-up banners that strike with vibrant colours, scratch resistent and produced on low cost media.

Outdoor banners

Outdoor banners

Make your banners stand out with the right finish. Glossy for impressive photos or matte for clearly readable text, even outdoors. Excellent quality, scratchproof and above all economical.

Window graphics

Window graphics

Print on perforated film to create stunning glass & vehicle windows decoration, easy to produce and quick to install and remove.

Blueback printing

Blueback printing

Catch the eye of your target audience with high colour gamut advertising, produced economically on your Colorado.

Photo prints

Photo prints

Achieve eye-catching quality on a wide variety of substrates, for example on film and machine coated papers. Delivering the greatest visual impact with high colour consistency and fine details.

Technologies that make sense

Technologies that make sense

The Colorado 1650 is jam-packed with innovations. We changed the rules of the game with UVgel and FLXfinish+. Enjoy a wider application range, jawdropping quality and advanced productivity at low cost of ownership!

UVgel technology

A unique ‘print-then-cure’ technology with instant-dry gel inks, cured with UV LED lights. The advantage of a gel over a fluid is that it is possible to deposit more ink in less passes, without the ink flowing in and over the medium. It results in razor-sharp prints with a wide colour gamut. Odourless and extremely durable.

FLXfinish+ technology

This ingenious technology maximizes the UVgel advantage with either a single – or a two-step curing strategy. It offers you a choice between either a gloss or a matte finish and a mixed matte/gloss finish, without the need to change inks or the media or having an extra varnish channel. Enjoy vibrant matte prints on smooth and more porous / structured media, like uncoated plain paper.

UVgel inks

Flexible and more stretchable inks allow printing on a broad media range, including plain paper, self-adhesive vinyls and polyester textiles. The increased stretch ability ensures you can plie, bend or fold the prints without problems for applications as soft signage or fine-art canvas.

UVgel gel inks
 PAINT technology

PAINT technology

No need to babysit the printer as in the printheads, the nozzle status is continuously monitored with Piezo Acoustic Integrated Nozzle Technology (PAINT). When a malfunction is detected, the affected nozzle is (temporarily) switched off and compensated for by neighbouring nozzles. When the time is right, the print heads are cleaned. Fully automated.

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Certifications & awards

The ecological advantages of the UVgel technology helped to make our choice. It was important for us to find a machine that can manage itself, without our operator working day and night.

Richard Mathys, founder of RemarQ

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Remarq case study video

RemarQ is a Swiss company specialized in advertising branding. For serving their blueback applications, they invested into the Colorado 1650 because of its high output quality even at high production speeds and the ease of use of the machine.

Remarq case study video

De Resolutie case study video

De Resolutie was one of the first print service providers worldwide to install the new Colorado 1650. Wallpaper and interior design concepts are an important strength of De Resolutie.

De Resolutie case study video

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