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Managing a changing workplace

The workplace is rapidly changing. The idea that the office is a specific place where our professional lives happen has long gone. Flexible start times, working from home, mobile workers, hot desking and employees who interact daily across international boundaries, all contribute to a diverse and sometimes difficult to manage landscape.

Allowing your workforce to work from any location, on any device, has many benefits. But, as the workspace continues to evolve and expand beyond its conventional boundaries, associated challenges must be met.

To ensure that agile working does not introduce unnecessary risks to your business, or drain your IT resources, your overarching IT management system needs to give you visibility and control.

How are you enabling agile working, without draining your IT resources? Our solutions are designed with IT as well as users in mind.

Read on to find out how.

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Remote IT

Today, more and more people work remotely, and they need the right tools to do their day to day tasks. But more people working remotely also impacts how you implement and support company-wide IT infrastructures.

Getting your dispersed workforce up and running is key, and getting this wrong means you could lose visibility and control over your IT infrastructure, and you may pay the price. Think for a minute: rising helpdesk calls; difficulties accessing employee sites for installation or support; users coming into the office simply to get solutions set up; people independently downloading unapproved workarounds from the web, or purchasing their own hardware, to ‘get things done’. The costs could be significant.

We provide easy access to, and support for, the tools your remote workforce needs. Our home-office print and scan devices are plug & play. Most of our software solutions can be installed remotely, or safely self-installed. We can even streamline installation by pre-configuring devices to your precise requirements.

Our solutions include a range of support and learning services too. YouTube videos; simple, self-service help sections: we cover it all so your IT team doesn’t have to.

Want to make sure your dispersed workforce is up and running, no matter where they are?

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Stay in control

With a dispersed workforce, comes a dispersed IT infrastructure. How do you stop this from impacting costs, security and productivity? And, how can you ensure IT can access all the data it needs to diagnose and resolve issues remotely?

We can help you manage your dispersed IT infrastructure because our remote management and diagnostic tools give your team the visibility to manage your infrastructure from anywhere.

Print fleet management

Our remote management tools take away the burden of managing and monitoring large print fleets across disperse environments. They allow your IT team to remotely:

  • Access printer information, change network settings and check toner levels
  • Automate time-consuming tasks, such as meter collection and toner ordering, saving time and money
  • Generate reports on print, copy, fax and scan usage, enabling analysis of print behaviour and the ability to implement cost saving measures.

Content management

Our content management solutions enable your IT department to:

  • Set retention policies to support compliance with data protection and other regulations
  • View a full audit trail on all actions performed, such as saving or deleting documents
  • Define, schedule and generate reports to gain insight on usage, performance and security.

Want to ensure your IT department keeps control over cost, security, compliance, continuity and productivity?

Cloud over highway

Think cloud

Want a truly agile workplace? Then your IT infrastructure needs to keep up. Your employees need the right technology to work effectively from any location. And your IT team needs the right solution to retain visibility and control. Getting this balance right can feel like an impossible task at times.

But we can help.

Consider this:

  • No longer a need for a physical on-premise infrastructure, or associated operational and labour costs
  • The ability to scale solutions, depending on your specific needs
  • Your IT team maintaining visibility and control, regardless of where they are working from, or the location of their technology
  • Your workforce accessing their documents and systems from wherever they are.

These are some of the benefits of cloud solutions, which we can help you unlock to support your agile workforce.

With our cloud solutions your workforce and IT team can access the information they need to do their jobs, regardless of their location. Your employees can access, manage and share their documents from anywhere using our cloud-based content management solution. And your IT teams will have visibility and control of their dispersed IT infrastructure, including their print fleet.

Want to future proof your agile IT infrastructure so you can’t get left behind? With Canon you can.

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Integration is key

In today’s competitive landscape it’s important that information flows through your business quickly. But manual and disjointed processes can put your organisation at risk of unnecessary delays and errors. Even more so with a dispersed workforce.

Integration between your systems and technologies can be the key to simplifying and streamlining your operations, as this can ultimately lead to an easier to manage and use IT infrastructure.

We can support you in building a cohesive infrastructure by providing you with an end-to-end solution. This is possible due to the integration between our technologies; our software solutions work seamlessly on our printers and scanners.

Such end-to-end integration enables you to capture, create, manage and store all your business information in one ecosystem. Covering the whole document process from input to output. This means that a user would never have to leave the platform to execute their tasks and is provided with a similar user interface, regardless of the device they are using.

And that’s not all. Our solutions also integrate easily with third party solutions, including Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and Dropbox. But also more advanced CRM or ERP systems. The end result is an easy to use solution that integrates with your current IT infrastructure.

Want to improve the flow of information in your business?

Work anywhere, anytime

Find out how Canon can help your dispersed workforce work efficiently, effectively and securely from any location.

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