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Canon XU-80W

The XU-80W is a cost-effective, versatile Pan and Tilt camera with 20x zoom lens providing high quality images in HDTV format, for permanent outdoor installation.


  • Noise rating of NC<30

  • Can be mounted upright or inverted

  • In door and out door applications

  • Single 1/3” CMOS image sensor

  • Automatic contrast correction

Detailed Features

  • 1/3” Pan and Tilt camera

    The XU-80W is a versatile indoor/outdoor single 1/3” CMOS camera system, featuring a high waterproof and dustproof design which, when combined with its compact size, makes it ideal for: Outdoor Event Broadcasting, Weather POV, Traffic POV, Outdoor Monitoring, Indoor Event Broadcasting, House of Worship, Education, and Video Conference. For outdoor applications, the XU-80W is equipped with a motorized ND filter and a wiper unit. A washer unit is also optionally available.

  • High Quality HDTV/SDTV Video Images

    The XU-80 W has a single 1/3-inch CMOS imaging sensor with 2.1 Megapixels and a 20x HD Zoom Lens and captures exceptional, high-quality images in full-HDTV format.

  • Optimized Design for Broadcast Applications

    By pressing a single pre-set button on operation panel (provided optionally), the camera head pans and tilts very smoothly while simultaneously zooming, allowing for on-air movements similar to manually-operated cameras. Also, the XU-80 W utilizes HD-SDI output which enables it to acquire beautiful, important images from a distance of up to 100m.

  • Waterproof and Dustproof for Indoor / Outdoor Applications

    With a waterproof and dustproof design, the XU-80W can be installed in challenging locations and environmental conditions. The model with servo ND filter and wiper unit is also available as XU-80W for outdoor applications. The XU-80W is also equipped with washer.

  • Fast, Quiet, and Precise Pan & Tilt Movements

    The XU-80 W combines smooth, fast, and highly precise movement. In Normal Mode, operational movement has a noise rating of NC<30. In High Speed Mode, the movements of the pan-tilt mechanism are accelerated by 50%.

  • Easy to install

    The XU-80 W can be mounted upright or inverted and includes a handle for convenient portability, and weighs only 6.6 kg.

  • Locally Switchable Output/Control

    1080i or 720p HD output to match existing systems. Additionally, control can be toggled between RS-232 and RS-422, making the XU-80 W extremely adaptable to new and existing multi-camera environments.

  • Low-light Capability/Night Mode

    When shooting under low-light conditions, the XU-80 W can acquire extra brightness by using the slow-shutter function (frame accumulation). The black & white mode without the IR cut filter will also support shooting in near-darkness.

Canon XU-80W
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