Canon BU-46H


The BU-46H is a cost-effective, versatile Outdoor Pan and Tilt camera 1/3inch 3CCD camera with a 20x zoom lens providing high quality images in HDTV format

Canon BU-46H


  • Built in 2x Extender
  • Focal length 4.4-90mm (180mm with extender)
  • Autofocus and Image Stabilization
  • Night mode
  • Genlock

Detailed Features

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1/3” 3 CCD HD Outdoor and Tilt camera

The BU-46H is a 1/3” 3 CCD HD video camera all housed in an elegant design. It features a pan-tilt head, a built-in 20X zoom. The system offers extensive control of the pan-tilt head, lens functions, and key camera CCU adjustments.

The BU-46H has an extremely low operational mechanism noise level so that the system can be located within venues and situations which are unusually quiet such as concert halls, lecture auditoriums, and recording studios.


The BU-46H is an extremely sturdy, dustproof/waterproof pan-tilt system with an IP45 enclosure rating. Well suited for outdoor operation, the BU-46H also incorporates a built-in wiper.

Wide Pan-Tilt Coverage

The BU-46H can pan through +/- 170 degrees and tilt +30 / -50 degrees in highly-precise and smoothly choreographed movements specifically designed to address multiple applications.

Sleek Design

The elegant design makes the BU-46H blend in very naturally with buildings and other city landscapes.

Open-Source Protocol

The protocol is non-proprietary and is open to the public. Thus the user or system integrator can provide their own control system or contract with a third party provider.

High Quality HDTV/SDTV Video Images

The BU-46H has a 1/3 inch, 3 CCD HD camera with 1,670,000 pixels per CCD. Both offer exceptional video quality for broadcasting, event coverage, and high quality surveillance, among others.

High Optical Performance and Image Stabilization

The 3 CCD HD camera combines a 20X Optical Zoom HD lens (4.5-90mm, 9-180mm with 2X Digital Extender) with Auto Focus and Image Stabilization, providing exceptional HD video images with enhanced operational flexibilities.

Variety of Outputs

The camera outputs an uncompressed HD-SDI (or SD-SDI) signal. The HD-SDI signal and an SD Composite signal (NTSC or PAL - please request format at time of purchase) can be output simultaneously. The SD signal can be used for monitoring. In addition, the BU-46H features GENLOCK for video synchronization.

Night Mode

The BU-46H and BU-51H now include a newly designed "night mode." The shutter speed is slowed down to a minimum of 1/4 (60i, 30F) or 1/3 (50i, 25F, 24F), allowing frame accumulation that elevates camera sensitivity.

Product Specification

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