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Pierre Meurice

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Print Together: International Print Day 2019

Lately, barely a day goes by when we don’t have an event to mark, or a designated day to honour something special. International Coffee Day, for example, is an important reminder of the role of hot beverages in the workplace (not that we need reminding). But sometimes a day comes along that’s Canon through and through…

So today we proudly celebrate International Print Day! This year’s theme is #PRINT2GETHER, so as you might imagine we have plenty to say about print, people and why it matters for us all…

Welcome to the Printerverse

Deborah Corn is the brains behind International Print Day. She’s a force of nature, connecting people, knowledge sharing and educating on professional print.


Jargon busting made easy

If you’re a photographer making the move to professional print, you might find yourself overwhelmed with technical terms. From ‘colour gamut’ to ‘full bleed’, you’ll find the answers here.

When print is just a part of life

Getting things done, being organised or even… having fun! Print can do all these things, just by having the right tools in your home.


How long does it take to print a bus?

Our customer Teletransfer in Spain was tasked with covering more than 600 buses in Barcelona. Clue: It takes less time than you might think!

Can print help to create a better world?

Well, yes. In the Netherlands investment is being made in braille street signs with an added dimension, making navigating through towns a safer and more positive experience.


Why bother printing photography?

Canon Ambassador, David Noton believes in the power of print and isn’t afraid to talk about it. Here he speaks to a 200 strong audience about his work as a photographer and why print matters.

And finally...

Can print be in your blood?

Hemodynamics is the study of blood flow and, surprisingly, it has plenty in common with the science that lies behind the print.


Do you have a great story of how print matters in your life? Share it today using the hashtag #IPD19

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