Canon Toner Cartridge Recycling Programme

Did you know that Canon has been operating a toner cartridge recycling programme since 1990?
Canon Toner Cartridge Recycling Programme

Canon Toner Cartridge Recycling Programme


Canon assumes responsibility for recycling and recovering 100% of the toner cartridges that customers return to us. Consideration for the environment goes into every aspect of design, beginning with the selection of materials and their configuration into products right through to the re-processing of used cartridges.

Recycle your toner Cartridges



How are cartridges recycled?

Once toner cartridges are received at the Canon recycling site they undergo a comprehensive recycling process that recovers reusable parts and recycles parts that are unsuitable for re-use in the production process.
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Acceptable Cartridges

Only all in one toner cartridges are acceptable within our recycling programme. Toner bottles and inkjet cartridges are not accepted within this scheme. Please see below for a list of approved cartridges:

029 - 059

059 - 717

717 - EP27

EP-32 - T

Acceptable Cartridges

029 Drum

059 H Yellow

717 Magenta


Acceptable Cartridges


064 Black

717 Yellow


Acceptable Cartridges

039 H

064 Cyan

718 Black


Acceptable Cartridges

040 Black

064 H Black

718 BK VP (2PK)


Acceptable Cartridges

040 Cyan

064 H Cyan

718 Cyan

EP-83 Black

Acceptable Cartridges

040 H Black

064 H Magenta

718 Magenta

EP-83 Cyan

Acceptable Cartridges

040 H Cyan

064 H Yellow

718 Yellow

EP-83 Drum

Acceptable Cartridges

040 H Magenta

064 Magenta

719 H

EP-83 Magenta

Acceptable Cartridges

040 H Yellow

064 Yellow


EP-83 Yellow

Acceptable Cartridges

040 Magenta

701 Black


EP-87 Black

Acceptable Cartridges

040 Yellow

701 Cyan

723 Black

EP-87 Cyan

Acceptable Cartridges


701 Drum

723 Cyan

EP-87 Drum

Acceptable Cartridges

041 H

701 L Cyan

723 H Black

EP-87 Magenta

Acceptable Cartridges

045 Black

701 L Magenta

723 Magenta

EP-87 Yellow

Acceptable Cartridges

045 Cyan

701 L Yellow

723 Yellow


Acceptable Cartridges

045 H Black

701 Magenta

724 H


Acceptable Cartridges

045 H Cyan

701 Yellow


EP-H Black

Acceptable Cartridges

045 H Magenta

702 Black Drum


EP-H Cyan

Acceptable Cartridges

045 H Yellow

702 Black


EP-H Drum

Acceptable Cartridges

045 Magenta

702 Cyan Drum


EP-H Magenta

Acceptable Cartridges

045 Yellow

702 Cyan

729 Black

EP-H Yellow

Acceptable Cartridges

046 Black

702 Magenta Drum

729 Cyan


Acceptable Cartridges

046 Cyan

702 Magenta

729 Magenta


Acceptable Cartridges

046 H Black

702 Yellow Drum

729 Yellow


Acceptable Cartridges

046 H Cyan

702 Yellow

731 Black


Acceptable Cartridges

046 H Magenta


731 Cyan


Acceptable Cartridges

046 H Yellow


731 H Black


Acceptable Cartridges

046 Magenta


731 Magenta


Acceptable Cartridges

046 Yellow

707 Black

731 Yellow


Acceptable Cartridges

047 Toner

707 Cyan

732 Black


Acceptable Cartridges

049 Drum

707 Magenta

732 Cyan


Acceptable Cartridges

051 Drum

707 Yellow

732 H Black


Acceptable Cartridges

051 H Toner

708 H

732 Magenta


Acceptable Cartridges

051 Toner


732 Yellow


Acceptable Cartridges


710 H



Acceptable Cartridges

052 H




Acceptable Cartridges

053 Drum

711 Black



Acceptable Cartridges

054 Black

711 Cyan

C-EXV 26 Black*


Acceptable Cartridges

054 Cyan

711 Magenta

C-EXV 26 Cyan*

G Black

Acceptable Cartridges

054 H Black

711 Yellow

C-EXV 26 Magenta*

G Cyan

Acceptable Cartridges

054 H Cyan


C-EXV 26 Yellow*

G Drum

Acceptable Cartridges

054 H Magenta


C-EXV 40 Black*

G Magenta

Acceptable Cartridges

054 H Yellow


C-EXV 5 Drum*

G Yellow

Acceptable Cartridges

054 Magenta

715 H

CRG 056 H


Acceptable Cartridges

054 Yellow


CRG 056 L


Acceptable Cartridges

055 Black

716 Cyan

CRG 056

MP10 N

Acceptable Cartridges

055 Cyan

716 Magenta

CRG 057 H


Acceptable Cartridges

055 H Black

716 Yellow

CRG 057

MP20 N

Acceptable Cartridges

055 H Cyan



MP20 P

Acceptable Cartridges

055 H Magenta

717 Cyan



Acceptable Cartridges

055 H Yellow



Acceptable Cartridges

055 Magenta



Acceptable Cartridges

055 Yellow



Acceptable Cartridges

059 H Black


Acceptable Cartridges

059 H Cyan

Acceptable Cartridges

059 H Magenta


Toner bottles

Toner bottles beginning with the following codes are not suitable for recycling through this programme. Please contact your local national sales office for more information. If you wish to recycle genuine Canon inkjet cartridges please visit the inkjet recycling programme page.



Canon’s toner cartridge recycling programme allows customers from selected European countries to print a freepost label for the return and recycling of their empty genuine Canon toner cartridges.

In some countries customers can also arrange for free delivery or collection of bulk toner cartridge collection boxes for recurring or large quantity returns.

The website is not appearing properly on my screen.

The toner cartridge recycling site is developed to work with current browser versions. This means Internet Explore 6 or newer, Firefox 3.5 or newer, Google Chrome and Safari 5 or newer. JavaScript support needs to be enabled. Other browsers are likely but not guaranteed to work.

Why is my cartridge not on the list of accepted cartridges?

The cartridge might not be a genuine Canon toner cartridge. If you are sure you have a genuine Canon toner cartridge that is not on the list please contact us through our feedback form quoting the cartridge model number. Canon will reply to you confirming whether your cartridge is suitable for recycling through this programme.

Does Canon offer a recycling service for other consumable products (e.g. toner bottles or ink jet cartridges)?

Canon does not offer a recycling service for toner or developer units, toner bottles or other consumables for large format printers, GP, iR, iRC, NP and CLC copiers due to the adverse environmental impacts of shipping these items. Please therefore look to dispose or recycle these products as normal office waste locally.

Is there an easy way to return many cartridges at once?

Bulk toner cartridge return is available in a number of European countries; please check your local Canon website to see if the service is available. If your country currently does not offer bulk collections please check back regularly as we are developing new services all the time.

I cannot find my country in the list, but I want to return my cartridge. How can you help me?

Unfortunately we currently do not offer a toner recycling programme in your country. Please contact your local Canon dealer to see if programmes are offered locally.

How do I clear my data from your system?

If you wish your personal data to be removed from our system please contact us through our feedback form.

I am unable to view the label that I have been sent.

If you are unable to view the label, please install the latest version of Acrobat Reader. If this still does not work, please contact us through our feedback form.

I am unable to print the label properly.

If your label does not print out as it appears on screen, this might be due to your printer drivers. Please install the latest printer drivers and try again. Get the latest driver for your Canon printer.

I receive an error message saying that the label has already been used.

Each postage label has a unique barcode that can only be used once. Once this barcode has been registered as used on our system the link will no longer be active. Please simply revisit the recycling website and request further labels.

Can I use each label more than once?

Each postage label can only be used once as each contains a unique barcode needed for postage.


Terms & Conditions

Your participation in and use of Canon’s Toner Cartridge Recycling Programme and Canon’s supply of the relevant services are governed by Canon’s Terms and Conditions. The general disclaimer is incorporated in these terms and conditions by reference and forms an integral part hereof. The general disclaimer can be printed and accessed by clicking on the link above as well as via the link at the bottom of Canon’s website.

In accordance with the applicable Terms and Conditions of use referred to above, Canon will not use the personal data provided by you in relation to the Canon’s Toner Cartridge Recycle Programme for marketing purposes or to inform you about other products and services.

Please note that you may only use Canon’s Toner Cartridge Recycle Programme to return empty toner cartridges of genuine Canon make. Without prejudice to Canon’s other rights in case of breach of any provision in these terms and conditions Canon has the right to reject any further participation to and use of Canon’s Toner Cartridge Recycle Programme and Canon may stop the supply of the relevant services immediately. Furthermore, Canon reserves the right to claim compensation in case of breach of any of these terms and conditions.


Important Information

Canon only authorises the use of this site for the return of genuine Canon toner cartridges for LBP, FAX, PFC and MFP machines. Toners for other machines cannot be returned through this programme. For these products, please ensure proper disposal. The toner cartridge return programme is only operational in a selection of European countries.

If you have a Canon Service contract, please contact your Canon representative who will be able to advise you how to manage your waste collections.

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