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Warranty Terms for Print Heads
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Warranty Terms

This [insert the name of the NSO] (“Canon”) warranty covers print head (“Print Head”) of the Canon imagePROGRAF Printers with width of 24inch and above (“Product”) sold in one of the countries of the European Economic Area EEA, UK and Switzerland for the term of the warranty period stated below.
This warranty service may only be requested by the customer and provided by Canon in the country where the customer is located and provided the customer is situated in one of the countries of the EEA, UK or Switzerland. In the event that a Print Head is found to be faulty within the warranty period, a replacement Print Head of the same series or a compatible follow-up model will be provided free of charge by Canon, subject to these Warranty Terms.

  • This warranty is valid for one year after purchase of the Print Head - bought together with the Product or separately - or as long as the “Status Print” shows a Lot Number at status “a” (“Head Info” data field), whichever occurs first.
    The “Status Print” will be read by Canon upon return of the faulty Print Head to Canon together with the required documentation as set out under in clause 2 below.
    [The warranty period for any replacement Print Head shall not extend the warranty period of the faulty Print Head]. (If this definition is not manageable in your local systems and processes, then the following statement applies [The warranty period for any replacement Print Head shall restart from the moment of the installation].)

  • First, prepare your printer following the instructions of the attached Annex 1;
    A warranty claim can be made by sending

    (a) the faulty Print Head,
    (b) a copy of the dated proof of purchase (of the Product or Print Head as applicable), and
    (c) the completed warranty claim form (attached to these Terms in Annex 2) to the address shown on the warranty claim form

    Canon may employ authorised service centres to handle the warranty process on behalf of Canon.
    Upon receipt of the Print Head and all documentation listed above, Canon will assess the customer’s eligibility for a free replacement and, as applicable, will post a replacement to the customer. Any costs for the secure transportation of the Print Head to Canon will be borne by the customer, whilst Canon will bear the costs for the transportation of the replacement Print Head to the customer, provided the customer is situated in the EEA, UK or Switzerland.
    Faulty Print Heads will become Canon’s property and shall not be returned.

  • Warranty shall not be covering the situations where the Print Head is damaged as a result of:

    • Abuse, neglect, mishandling, improper cleaning, unauthorized repairs or alterations of the Print Head, or a Product in which the Print Head is integrated, electric current fluctuation, or accident.
    • Improper use including failure to follow installation, operating or maintenance instructions, or environmental conditions prescribed in Canon’s operator’s manual or other documentation.
    • Use of non-original spare parts or consumables (such as ink and media), in case their use causes defects or negatively affects performance of Product and the Print Head.
    • Furthermore, this warranty does not extend to any Print Head on which the original identification marks or serial numbers have been defaced, removed or altered.

  • This warranty does not affect the customer’s statutory rights under applicable law, nor the customer’s rights against the retailer arising from the purchase contract. In the absence of any applicable legislation in force, this warranty will be the customer’s sole and exclusive remedy and Canon shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages for breach of any express or implied warranty of the Print Head.

Warranty Validation

Canon strives to ensure customers enjoy the very best printing experience and high-quality output by offering a warranty scheme for the imagePROGRAF Large Format Printer Print Heads.
In order to benefit from the scheme, below are the steps to take to prepare a warranty claim should there be technical issues relating to the Print Head:
Before making any warranty claim with your supplier or service provider, please follow the below guidelines in the exact same order.

    1. From the printer control panel , scroll down and select “Printer Settings”

    2. Select “Test Print”

    3. Select “Nozzle Check”:

      1 This sample control panel might look slightly different on your printer but functions and adjustments are following the same menu structure on all Canon imagePROGRAF Large Format Printers. For further information, please refer to your printer User Guide.

    4. Then select “Yes” so the nozzle check pattern can be printed

      When the printout of the “Nozzle Check Pattern” is showing irregularities, please proceed to Step 2.

  • For cleaning the Print Head, please consult the Online Manual at this link. Choose the imagePROGRAF product that requires guidance, for example, if choosing ”PRO” this will give access to all the available imagePROGRAF PRO printers in the line-up, choose the exact printer model. The online manual is ready to use:

    • Refer to section “Maintenance and Consumables” and follow the guidelines relating to the “Print Head”
    • Once cleaning cycle is completed, run Step 1 again.

    When the printout of the “Nozzle Check Pattern” is still showing irregularities, please proceed to Step 3.

  • To maximise the performance of the Print Head, and printer hardware, it is highly recommended to update the printer to the latest firmware version. Updating the firmware to the latest version will enhance the performance of the Printer.

    For updating the firmware using the “Firmware Update Tool” , please use this link

    Type the printer name in the search bar on the landing page of the Software Download Centre. See example below:

    Select “Firmware” and download the suitable OS version with the latest “Release date”

    Upon download, the tool can be installed on a supported PC or Mac and can be connected to the printer via USB or network. There are two methods to update the printer using the “Firmware Update Tool”:

    • The tool checks the current version on the printer and checks for the latest version available, this process will require an internet connection.
    • If there is no internet connection available, it is possible to download both the “Firmware Update Tool” and latest firmware directly from the Software Download Centre and connect directly to the printer via USB.

    For updating the firmware via the printer Remote User Interface, simply type the IP address of the printer into an internet browser, and navigate in the menu structure as shown in the example below:

  • Print Head image quality issues are usually related to the way the nozzles behave. Error codes are then displayed on the control panel to provide full information of the issue. The Canon imagePROGRAF large Format Printers are equipped with “Maintenance” adjustments from the control panel to help maintain Print Head performance and fix some issues with the Print Head.
    For further detail on how to maintain the print head, please consult the Online Manual at this link.

    Once you have arrived on the Online Manual webpage, choose the ImagePROGRAF product that requires guidance and checks, for example, if choosing ”PRO” this will give access to all the available imagePROGRAF PRO printers in the line-up, choose the exact printer model and then the online manual is ready to use

    • For adjusting the Print Head to improve output quality, refer to section “Adjustments for Better Print Quality” and follow the guidelines relating to “Adjusting the Print Head”
    • For Print Head Calibration, refer to section “Color Management” and select “Performing Color Calibration”
    • Once adjustments are completed, reprint the file that showed quality issues initially.

    When this new printout is still showing quality defects, please proceed to Step 5.

    1. From the printer control panel, scroll down and select “Printer Settings”

    2. Select “Test Print”

    3. Select “Status Print”

    4. At the “Start Printing” prompt, select “Yes”

    From the “Status Print” printout, take note of the information highlighted in yellow: printer model (TM-200 in this sample), Serial number or “S/N”, Firmware version or “Firm” and Head Information status including the letter after the LOT NUMBER (“Head Info” data field):

    When the letter after the LOT NUMBER is “a” and the purchase date of the Print Head is less than 1 year, please fill-in the “Warranty Claim Form”. If any of these conditions is not fulfilled, the Print Head is no longer under warranty.

    • If the print head was damaged prior to the installation, please contact your reseller or service provider for further assistance.
    • To optimise and maintain the performance of the Print Head, please refer to the Printer User Manual and follow the manufacturer guidelines.
    • Before making any print head adjustments, make sure that the latest firmware is installed. To check the latest firmware for your device, please refer to Step 2 described above.
    • When replacing the Print Head, please execute “Replace Print Head” option within the printer control panel menu. For further instruction, please refer to the Printer User Manual.
    • Check the print quality and follow the Printer User Manual for guidance on Print Quality Adjustments and how to maintain output.

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