Professional Print and Layout Software

Partner your Canon imagePROGRAF PRO series printer with Professional Print & Layout for exceptional performance, colour, detail and tonality. With advanced printing options, you can print quickly to your exact specifications and showcase your work to the highest level.

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Available for both Windows and Mac (iOS), Professional Print & Layout is automatically added to compatible photo applications during software installation. Print Studio Pro can also be installed at the same time so you can choose your software depending on your needs.


Compatible Printers

Take full advantage of professional Print & Layout with the following pro printers.

Starting Professional Print and Layout

To get started, open up your image (or multiple images) in Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or Lightroom Classic. If you are using Canon's Digital Photo Professional, simply select the images from their folder. This can also be opened as standalone software.

Main screen layout

Print quickly with the optimum level of quality with Professional Print & Layout's speedy, smooth and accurate workflow. An advanced user interface provides evolved features for straightforward and efficient print settings, enabling you to concentrate on the work at hand, while a simple step-by-step print procedure ensures easy usability.


1. One window for print settings

Access basic settings, such as selecting printers, media type, layout for multiple images, paper size and quality, and view details by expanding each tab.


2. Fine-tuned layout

Select borderless printing or trim borders with numerical values or slider shifts.


3. Colour Management

Select ICC profiles and rendering intent to deliver an image to deliver the optimum screen to print match results.


4. Print

Get ready to send your photos to print by selecting the number of copies.


5. Quick selection

Store frequently used settings for quick-fire printing or input your bespoke selections.

Take photo printing to a new level

Maintain tonality, sharpness and accurate colour reproduction with this reliable and dynamic software. With built-in DPRAW for printing in true high definition and a HDR print function for the strong reproduction of highlights*, it's the perfect tool for giving your photos an extra dimension.

*Specific to Canon EOS cameras only.


HDR Print

Show the world as seen through your eyes with RAW images. Professional Print & Layout's HDR Print makes use of the broad and dynamic range of RAW images, expressing the information more accurately for photos that are truer to life. The software's expansive image processing works well with Adobe RGB to achieve images that surpass other image processing software.



Add depth and texture to your photos with DPRAW Print. Using focus information from RAW photos saved in a DPRAW format*, Professional Print & Layout can recover sharpness for more vivid images with standout expression. Pixels with the correct focus are given higher definition while pixels without the proper focus are given no extra emphasis. This ensures smooth tonality without the noise typical of sharpness filters.

*Canon EOS 5DMKIV and Canon EOS R


ICC Profile

Take full advantage of the imagePROGRAF PRO Series' capabilities with the Use ICC Profile. Thanks to an improved printer profile design and easy-to-use Black Point Compensation, colour reproduction can be enhanced even further. Simply select Black Point Compensation to adjust the tone of the image so that the darkest point in the image's ICC profile matches the darkest point of the printer's ICC profile.

Print Studio Pro

Canon's Print Studio Pro Plug-in provides the perfect workflow link between your image and the finished printed product. Designed specifically for Canon professional printers, this unique software makes it easy to give your prints a professional polish.

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