Canon EOS 90D: Image Quality

EOS 90D Black Throated Diver

Image quality that will blow you away

A 32.5 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor works hand-in-hand with our bespoke DIGIC 8 image processor to deliver fantastic image quality – clarity, tonality and colour are all abundant, while noise in low-light conditions is kept to an absolute minimum. Sensitivity extends up to ISO 25,600 for hand-held shooting in dark conditions, while a wide dynamic range allows detail to be retained in bright highlights and dark shadows.

EOS 90D EF Lens
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The perfect blend of performance and portability

Capture exquisite detail with a 32.5 megapixel CMOS sensor, designed and manufactured exclusively by Canon. Its APS-C format is large enough for plenty of control over depth of field, but small enough to allow the EOS 90D – and its lenses – to be portable and perfectly balanced.

EOS 90D Travel Photography
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EOS 90D 100% Crop
100% crop

Optimized Image Quality

In-camera image processing lets you take advantage of every last drop of picture quality. Our Digital Lens Optimizer (DLO) technology can be applied as your shoot, so every frame is adjusted for lens characteristics. The result? Images that are clean and bursting with detail – right from the camera.

RAW files can be processed into JPEG images in-camera, thanks to in-camera RAW processing and you can fine-tune your images with Creative Assist. The DIGIC 8 processor allows image adjustments to be made and multiple versions of the same picture to be created, each with a different look and feel.

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