PRISMAprepare Go

A cloud-based printing solution that streamlines production workflows into 3 easy steps. Inexpensive, simple to set up and easy to use – with PRISMAprepare Go, all you need is an internet connection and a browser to revolutionise your print operations.


Receive. Prepare. Go.

Increase your efficiency, flexibility and profitability with a simple and secure way of on-boarding more print jobs.

Gain access to 40 jobs per month with PRISMAprepare Go and device reporting with PRISMAlytics Accounting for FREE!

Key benefits

Digitally transform job on-boarding with PRISMAprepare Go

  • Easy to set up

    Get started straight away – it’s as simple as logging in

  • Reduced turnaround times

    Rapid job onboarding and pre-flighting

  • Intuitive job editing

    Ensure print output is right first time, every time

  • Clear job processing

    Easily track print jobs

  • Secure cloud storage

    Up to 10 GB as standard

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Small commercial PSPs are challenged daily by customer demand for fast delivery of a myriad print jobs and shorter print runs at competitive rates. PRISMAprepare Go is a cloud-based printing solution that provides rapid job onboarding, pre-flighting, preparation, and printing functionality. No need to invest in complex, high-end software – PRISMAprepare Go delivers an efficient, structured approach for end-to-end print production, with flexibility to expand as your operation grows.


Fast turnaround times

Add speed and efficiency to your production workflows for fast turnaround time of repeat and ad hoc jobs. Streamline job onboarding, processing and production with a structured, professional online service that delivers time and cost efficiencies for you and your customers.

Effortless usability

Get up and running without investing in IT infrastructure or training. Your customers can drag-and-drop PDF files directly into the job onboarding portal. Once jobs have been received by your operators, they can easily switch between views of applications, tools, and printers from one central login.

Increased profitability

Gain advantage against your competition by offering a quality, personal service, even on shorter print runs. Easily grow your repeat-customer base with direct access to your print services, and attract new customers by adding value and creativity to print jobs.

Key Features

- Direct online customer access
- Secure cloud storage
- Clear job processing overviews
- Password-protected portal logins
- Central management of applications and printers
- Configurable pre-flight settings
- Supports PRISMAsync, Fiery, Canon PDL and JDF-driven production printers

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