Canon Camera

Sensing Unit

Canon imagePRESS Sensing Unit

for imagePRESS C10010VP and imagePRESS C910 Series

Maintain colour consistency and registration accuracy without the hassle

The Sensing Unit sets up front-to-back registration and colour tone before printing starts and monitors during printing, automatically adjusting on the fly – so you can maintain consistency throughout the print run, without the time and expense of continuous manual calibration.

Automatic pre-print calibration

With a single click on the imagePRESS’s user interface, the Sensing Unit completes colour tone adjustment and front-to-back registration so you can get printing in less than a minute.

Automatic adjustment during print

To help you get the best out of your imagePRESS Series, the Sensing Unit monitors and adjusts settings during print to maintain optimum colour quality and front-to-back registration without any operator intervention.

Sensing Video

Unlock accelerated, high-quality printing

The Sensing Unit helps you improve productivity by automatically calibrating colour quality and front-to-back registration before printing, then adjusting and maintaining these settings during the print run, so you can ensure optimum print quality without spending time monitoring print-outs and tweaking settings.
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